How to quilt with a double needleToday is a fun little post with a new idea! You may have seen the quilting detail in my Baby Doll Quilt pattern, and I’d love to share this new idea with you today. And don’t forget, you can get the Baby Doll Quilt pattern for free in my shop! Now, onto quilting…

A few months at my Modern Quilt Guild meeting, my friend, L, showed off her ___ bag by ___ designer. I fell in love with this bag and especially fell in love with the quilted detail on the top. I wondered what it might look like to quilt with a double needle, so I gave it a try on my baby doll quilt…my little niece, G, wouldn’t mind an experiment if it went wrong!  (Continue reading…)

10 things that you want to make sure you do when you label your quilts.It’s finally here—you’ve finished your quilt! The binding is on and it’s ready for gifting or snuggling. Then you realize you forgot to label your masterpiece, and you just can’t bare to add one more stitch…Oh, I’ll get to it later, you think to yourself.

Yeah, right!

I come from a family of quilters, and the passing down of the tradition is obviously of huge importance to me. My grandmother, mother, aunts, and myself all quilt. I can fully imagine a day where my great-great grandchildren are digging through old boxes and wondering which quilts came from who and when they were made. I can imagine this and a million other scenarios where it would have been well worth my while to to take an extra ten minutes and sew on a label. (Continue reading…)

You guys, I’ve been busting for the past week and a half—I made the most adorable baby doll quilt for my niece and haven’t let myself share it with you…Christmas secrets are SO hard to keep! Anyway, I think it’s very funny that this little scrappy baby doll quilt it one of my most favorite projects so far—I tried some new things on it and was really happy with the result! I’ll be sharing those things with you in the very near future, so read on to get all the adorable (scrappy) details and your Scrappy Baby Doll Quilt pattern for free! (Continue reading…)

This past weekend, my aunt, sister, and I went to an amazing little spot in Lancaster that we just love! It’s called Henry’s Greenhouse and every time we go there, we squeal with delight, “these are our people!” They’ve always got the most amazing plants, adorable ideas, and I love their selection of succulents. These amazing little plants are just about the only thing that I can keep alive as far as foliage goes— and don’t they just have a fresh, modern look to them!?

Photo by Sara Bittner.

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