The perfect little gift for babies on Valentines Day! DIY in under an hour, using what you have at home.Although my little love bug won’t understand the notion of a valentine from her mama, I still want to do something special for her this year! I’ve created a sweet little toy that she can enjoy for many stages: For now, I’m sure the giant buttons hidden inside will probably be the big hit. Later, as she learns how to put buttons through holes, zip and unzip, it’ll be a great skill-builder. And much later, when she’s sending imaginary letters to her pen pal, I’ll be so glad I took an hour or so to create this special gift for her. What will you come up with? (Continue reading…)

How to Make Eight Half Square Triangles at Once!

the fastest way to make half square trianglesThe Magic 8 method is certainly not original with me, but I thought it was worth sharing since I’ve been using it religiously on one of my newest designs (It’s called Breezy, and you’re going to love it! It will be releasing sometime in April.) Anyway, there are lots of ways to make Half Square Triangles, but this method is the fastest and most precise that I’ve found. (Continue reading…)

It’s the time of year when I start planning the summer garden, for canning, vacation—not to mention trade shows! I’m in the depths of planning new layouts, backdrops, pattern displays, and giveaways. I thought you might be interested in knowing when I’ll be exhibiting my designs and selling patterns & kits in 2018, so for the full scoop, make sure you check here, I’ll be updating this as talks and classes are scheduled throughout the year as well.

Keep an eye out for me and my little yellow trailer (which is hopefully getting a little bit of branding love this spring) at the following shows: (Continue reading…)

How to quilt with a double needleToday is a fun little post with a new idea! You may have seen the quilting detail in my Baby Doll Quilt pattern, and I’d love to share this new idea with you today. And don’t forget, you can get the Baby Doll Quilt pattern for free in my shop! Now, onto quilting…

A few months at my Modern Quilt Guild meeting, my friend, L, showed off her ___ bag by ___ designer. I fell in love with this bag and especially fell in love with the quilted detail on the top. I wondered what it might look like to quilt with a double needle, so I gave it a try on my baby doll quilt…my little niece, G, wouldn’t mind an experiment if it went wrong!  (Continue reading…)

10 things that you want to make sure you do when you label your quilts.It’s finally here—you’ve finished your quilt! The binding is on and it’s ready for gifting or snuggling. Then you realize you forgot to label your masterpiece, and you just can’t bare to add one more stitch…Oh, I’ll get to it later, you think to yourself.

Yeah, right!

I come from a family of quilters, and the passing down of the tradition is obviously of huge importance to me. My grandmother, mother, aunts, and myself all quilt. I can fully imagine a day where my great-great grandchildren are digging through old boxes and wondering which quilts came from who and when they were made. I can imagine this and a million other scenarios where it would have been well worth my while to to take an extra ten minutes and sew on a label. (Continue reading…)