Getting the Perfect Corner on Your Binding

How to Get a Perfect Corner on Your Quilt Binding TutorialBinding can make or break your quilt. You could have done it all right from start to finish: Getting straight cuts, squaring up each block, snipping every thread, and pressing every seam perfectly. But your binding might make all that hard work go unnoticed! Nothing is worse than a wonky corner on your binding. So, let’s make sure that you’re quilt is as good as it can be: here is a full-picture tutorial on how to get the perfect binding corner on every quilt!

My Binding Method

The way I put binding on my quilts is nothing new or groundbreaking, but it’s still my favorite technique. For a full tutorial on how to bind a quilt, make sure to check out my post all about it!

How to Bind a Quilt Tutorial

How to Get Square Corners on Binding

Once you’ve started sewing along the edge of your quilt to secure the binding, you’re going to come to a corner—now what?! Here’s where the fun begins…Sew until you’re about 1/4″ from the corner…

Sewing on Binding

Now, put your needle down into the fabric 1/4″ from the edge, raise the presser foot, and turn so that the corner is at a 45 degree angle.

How to Sew a Binding Corner

Sew straight to the corner. Backstitch.

getting binding corners to be square

Remove quilt from under the presser foot and trim threads. Fold binding up, making a straight line with the quilt edge.

How to make a square binding corner

Holding the diagonal fold in place, fold the binding back down along the quilt edge. Make sure that your edges match and that your diagonal fold didn’t move at all. This might take a few tries.

How to bind a quilt

Start sewing again at the corner, backstitch, and repeat these steps at each corner.

getting a perfect corner binding

Take a look—your corner should look something like this:

how to bind a quilt corner

Don’t forget to leave plenty of space for joining your binding when you’re finished! My favorite way to join binding edges is with the Fons & Porter Binding Tool. Make sure to check out my full tutorial on joining binding!

How to join binding

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How to Get a Perfect Corner on Your Quilt Binding Tutorial


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