Modern Ombre Throw Quilt

Do you own a quilt or sewing store? Are you interested in ordering hard-copy patterns from my collection to sell in your store? If so, I would love to work with you! As the daughter of a quilt shop owner and a small business owner myself, I pride myself on working closely with you to get your customers the freshest and best patterns they can get. Read on to get started on your first order!

Hot air balloon quilt on bench

Each of my patterns has been tested for accuracy in fabric requirements, cutting, and finished sizing. My testers and I have put every pattern through the wringer so that your customers get streamlined, simple instructions and a final product that they are thrilled with! Every pattern is printed in full color and comes on a sturdy cardstock that is sure to hold up to multiple uses. Each pattern is protected with a clear zip-top bag, perfect for display and safe storage!


Ready to order? Before we can get started, I’ll need a few things from you:

  • Completed and signed copy of the PA Sales Tax Exemption Form (please email this to rachel@rachelrossi.design). You only need to fill out the bottom of the form where it says “Name of Purchaser or Lessee.”
  • Completed Order Form (simply hit “submit” at the bottom of the page and your order will be placed!)

Once I have both of these documents from you, I will send you an invoice and I can get started on your order! Orders will not ship until I have full payment.

Thank you so much for your interest in Patterns by Rachel Rossi. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible!

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-Rachel Rossi




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Helpful Tools

If you’ve ordered my patterns for your store, you’re welcome to use any of the tools below to help create a great consumer experience!

Grow With Me Signage

Nothing sells like a sample—especially for the Grow With Me pattern. Being a newer product, people really need to see it to understand it & how great it is! I always suggest making two samples: one that fits on the crib mattress and one that is trimmed down. This way, people can see it in both of its life cycles. If you aren’t able to get a sample made right now, here’s some useful signage that might help—this witty little poem is also a great way to bring together a display with your samples! Just click the image to download a copy for your shop.

Create Some Buzz

If you’re selling my patterns, teaching a class, or making one of my patterns as a sample, feel free to use lots of hashtags on social media! This is the best way for customers to connect with you and me! I’ll gladly comment and talk to you & your customers if you tag me. I’m especially active on Instagram. Make sure to follow me and tag me @DesignsbyRR whenever you can and use any of the following hashtags to help your community grow!

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