Today you’re sure to be inspired by our guest, Sue O’Very! This lady has more irons in the fire than I can count! Sue is a Bernina Ambassador, Aurifil thread designer, Craftsy instructor, YouTube teacher, DIME Columnist, Blogger, published author, sewing & In the Hoop pattern designer/artist, and self proclaimed Notion junkie! (Whew! Let me catch my breath quick…that was a long list!) It was so fun to pick her brain and learn a little bit more about her and her passion for creative business. I know you’re going to enjoy my chat with Sue and leave wildly inspired—I sure did! (Continue reading…)

Today I’d love to introduce the queen of scraps, the connoisseur of remnants, the savant of snippets…I give to you Deanne Eisenman of Snuggles Quilts! Deanne has been a creative professional for nearly 14 years. She writes patterns and teaches classes on “scrapping” and wool applique. I’ve definitely gotten some great insight into her business and some great tips from her many years of experience, let’s get started! (Continue reading…)

I haven’t gotten to talk about it much on the blog, but I absolutely love basketweaving. It’s something that my mom and aunt got me into and now I just can’t stop! Thank goodness it’s a slightly expensive hobby, or I’d be a very literal basket case. I’ve limited myself to kits (rater than spools of reed) and only making baskets that I’d otherwise need or buy…but I promise every one of those last reed scraps becomes a wonderful original creation.

…anyway, that’s not what we are here to chat about today. TODAY is about weaving with fabric. Yes, the beautiful love child of my two favorite hobbies. (Continue reading…)