Rachel Rossi, Quilt Pattern Designer

My name is Rachel Rossi, I amĀ  a quilt, fabric, and surface pattern designer operating out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I offer a variety of quilting and sewing patterns, templates, and fabric.

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania with parents and siblings who nurtured my creative spirit since I was little. When my mom opened a quilt shop, I was captivated by the sense of community that this inspiring art form fostered. Having spent my childhood wandering the aisles, teaching classes, and witnessing the exciting growth of this business, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! My goal is to keep the tradition alive with a careful balance of preservation and innovation.

Now I continue the tradition alongside my husband and three daughters. From my in-home studio, I design patterns, templates, and fabrics while cherishing every moment with my family. I have a passion for gardening, furniture refinishing, painting, embroidery, weaving, and experimenting with just about everything at least once! My diverse interests, coupled with my interior design background and experience as a pattern designer, come together to create fresh, exciting, and constantly evolving fabric designs and patterns.

You can find my quilt patterns, templates, and kits in my online shop or check out my fabric lines for Benartex here.

(Image by Sara Bittner Photography)

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