If you are a quilt or sewing industry professional, you have an exciting opportunity to advertise with Rachel Rossi Design. There are currently two different opportunities for you to choose from, and we do our best to provide the most recent statistics and information to help you make an informed decision.


The Statistics

My blog is a great place to display your product or store! We average approximately 13,000 unique users and 45,000 page views per month. In the past we have seen particular months have significant traffic spikes beyond that, as well, when a tutorial or post goes viral on websites like Pinterest.

You have the opportunity to advertise on our sleek sidebar or within a specific blog post.


Your sidebar ad will be 160 pixels wide and either 160, 320, or 480 pixels tall (see below). This gives lots of room for interesting design options.

A sidebar ad would appear alongside all of my blog content on a monthly basis. For 1 month of advertising, my rates are as follows:

  • 160×160 — $25
  • 160×320 — $50
  • 160×480 — $75

If you choose to book 6 or more months, you’ll receive 10% off your advertising fee!

Sponsored Posts

You can also choose to work with me to create a sponsored post. This is a unique opportunity to let me experience your product, service, or site and write a dedicated post about it. You will also be highlighted in my weekly newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook posts, directing readers to the sponsored post. Prices start at $300 per post, but will vary based on post length, images needed, and other details. Please contact me for more information.


The Statistics

My email newsletter is sent weekly to over 4,000 subscribers. These are quality subscribers that have signed up for the newsletter—we don’t buy or sell email addresses. We average an open rate of over 30%, a 16.5% click-to-open rate, and a 5% click-through rate, all of which hold up well against industry averages.

Advertising Opportunity

My weekly newsletter includes my favorite tools, services, and stores. One of them could be yours! This will be served in a section I’m calling “My Favorite Things” — in other words, it won’t feel like an ad (although I will disclose that it is an ad). I believe that readers are more open and excited about this form of advertising. You may provide your own image or I can make one (at my own discretion) for an additional charge.

Advertising is available in weekly units at the rate of $50 each. Each unit will be prominently displayed in my weekly newsletter once. You can purchase up to four advertising units per month. Purchase two or more units in a month for a 10% discount!

We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but my community is growing every day! This was last updated on January 2, 2019. For updated information or to place your first ad, please contact me.