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Gelato is a really fun pattern if you’re looking to mix up your quilting routine! It’s also a crowd-pleaser if someone is hoping to make a quilt for a hard-to-please recipient.

Fabric Selection

Fabric selection is a breeze with my Gelato pattern! Simply choose one ombre fabric that you love. Yes, this movement is created from just ONE fabric!

The important part to keep in mind with Gelato (and is noted on the back of the pattern with fabric requirements) is that your fabric must mirror itself from selvage to selvage. For example: your fabric might start out light at one selvage edge, fade to dark on the fold, and then back to light on the opposing selvage edge.

A Great Pattern to show off Quilting or as a base for a quilting class

The most surprising part of this design for me was how it really shows off the actual quilting! The piecing nearly disappears and the quilting really has the spotlight. Take this chance to whip up a sample and use a new or exciting quilting design that you’re trying to show off!

This would also be a great pattern for someone creating a whole cloth quilt or working on learning new quilting techniques. It comes together quickly and lets the quilting shine.

Create Some Buzz!

Connect with me and your customers on Instagram by using #GelatoQuilt and encouraging others to do the same as they work on their projects! I’ll do my best to cheer you and your customers on as they take on this new project.

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