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What is a Grow With Me Quilt?

A big part of selling these patterns is education. The Grow With Me Quilt is:
✔️ A quilted crib sheet
✔️ It’s a great alternative to baby blankets for those first months when blankets are unsafe for infants
✔️ After the child outgrows their crib, you simply trim down the top of the sheet and bind!
✔️ It now can live a second life as a snuggler or car quilt

Samples and Signage

Nothing sells like a sample—especially for the Grow With Me pattern. Being a newer product, people really need to see it to understand it & how great it is! I always suggest making two samples:
✔️ One that fits on the crib mattress
✔️ One that is trimmed down
This way, people can see it in both parts of it’s life cycle. If you aren’t able to get a sample made right now, here’s some useful signage that might help—this witty little poem is also a great way to bring together a display with your samples! Just click the image to download a copy for your shop.


There are currently two designs available in the Grow With Me Quilt Series:

✔️ Grow with Me Honeybee (shown above)
✔️ Grow with Me Ribbons

Does it Hold Up?

I can say with confidence that I have used the same two Grow with Me crib quilts for all three of my daughters cribs. So, they have been in constant use for the past 6 years and show no signs of slowing down!

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