Harmony | Event Ideas

The Harmony skirt is right on-trend this year! Quilted clothing is in, but labor costs make this fashion statement unaffordable. Quilters and seamstresses are in luck though, creating the Harmony skirt is not only fun, but fashionable!

The Harmony skirt is a time-intensive project, but it’s a blast when you’re not doing with friends! I suggest creating an event for this project at your store. It’s a great way to:
✔️ Connect with your customers
✔️ Offer a class on using or getting (re)aquatinted with sergers. Many people don’t feel comfortable with these machines, so it’s a perfect way to jump in and have guidance from their local quilt shop.

Whatever you do—have fun with it! Be creative and think of a fun name.  Power Serge or Strip n’ Sew are just two ideas. You could even play a few games of Quilter’s Strip Poker with your leftover strips!

If you do host an event, be sure to tell me about it! You can always tag me @DesignsbyRR and don’t forget to use #HarmonySkirt!

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