The Monthly Mirror: Joanna Gaines’ Kitchen

Joanna Gaine's Kitchen

I’m not going to lie, Joanna Gaines is possibly the cutest, most fun designer I’ve come across in a long time—I love her and her style! Today’s Monthly Mirror is going for the farmhouse chic look that Joanna has certainly achieved in her home. It’s geared towards those who might not have access to great salvage (or curbside) finds, but want the look!




The Monthly Mirror is a once-a-month post that shows you how to get the same look as the most popular interiors! If you have a space that you’d like to see featured on The Monthly Mirror, be sure to contact me or tell me about it in the comments below!

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The Look

Gaine's Kitchen

Joanna’s look is unmistakably clean, crisp, farmhouse, chic! (Check out her website to see more!) I’m a big fan of her shiplap details and fantastic finds. It’s hard to come across some of these items if it’s not your job, so I’m going to help you get the look without the hunt. Sure, these products are new, but it’s easy to mix and match them with your own found accessories!

The Island

Come on—that island! I love it so much, if I remember correctly, she said it’s an altar from a church—I’m sorry, but other than keeping an eye out for the next 10 years, I don’t know where to tell you to find anything like this. That said, this island isn’t only great because it has some cool history behind it, it’s great because it’s a solid piece that really brings the kitchen together. It’s large, it’s white, and the stainless steel top is pristine! I’ve come across a few smaller options that would fit in nicely and create the same feel.

Our first option (above) comes from! Who knew they sold furniture?! It has a solid base, just like Joanna’s island; it creates the permanent, built-in look that her island shows. There’s even some open storage on the ends for cute accessories.

Alexandria Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Island in White Finish

The option below gives a ton of storage and looks gorgeous when it’s all closed up! It’s even got the stainless steel countertop, making it a gorgeous add-on to your existing kitchen. The towel racks on the end are just begging to have some cute tea towels added to them for color! You can find this beauty at Home & Patio.

If you want the look but don’t have the space for a large island, give this little island a try! It’s got dark hardware and plenty of storage, but remains movable and creates an airy look with two open shelves.


Elk Lighting Farmhouse Oiled Bronze Pendant - 65071-1-LED

This type of lighting is so popular right now, and it can get very expensive if you’re not careful! Check out these pulley pendants from Shopfreely! I bought a copper farmhouse version of this for my own home!

These lights come with or without LED, and come in other sizes and colors!

The Floating Shelves

I’m absolutely in love with these floating shelves that surround the window  over the sink. Cabinets would have crowded this tiny wall & shelves are the perfect solution!

Floating Turnbuckle Shelf

Here’s a really cool shelf that I found on Dot & Bo’s website. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes:
If you’re looking for something more rustic, I ran across this great store called Joel’s Antiques on He’s got all kind of reclaimed shelving options for you! There’s more sizes and images if you follow the link. Check it out:


The accessories in this kitchen have just enough color to pop, but they feel so natural. Some of them can be found on Joanna’s online shop, so if you see something in one of these pictures, but can’t find where it came from, give her shop a try! She’s always adding new product.

Old Tin Signs

Tin signs are so popular right now! I have seen some good ones on and love this one by Polka Dot Peacock for the kitchen, “You are the Apple of my eye”…very witty for your farmhouse kitchen!

Metal Sign

Bright Dishes and Ceramic Berry Bowls

Summer Berry Bowls (Large) - Set of 3

I’m head over heels for these little guys! How cute can you get?! Dot & Bo has some great sets of these ceramic berry bowls. They add just the right amount of color and look great filled with fruit or stacked on top of each other!

Tea Towels

Hortus Aves Tea Towel

I may or may not have a tea towel addiction…they just make a space feel homey! Here are some of my favorites that can help you get the farmhouse chic look!
Aqua Striped Kitchen Towels - Set of 3
Edith and Vine Tea Towel - Set of 2

There’s nothing more fun than a true farmhouse kitchen, but if you don’t have the farmhouse, you can still get the same charm and warmth with the right pieces. I’d love to hear about how you achieved this look in your own home in the comments below! To see all of Joanna’s house and pick up some goodies from her store, be sure to visit her site:

Farmhouse Kitchen

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