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Shorthand is an exciting new template set with complimentary patterns that your customers are sure to love!


Shorthand is perfect for the following hard-to-please-customers:

  • Those looking for more masculine designs
  • Modern Quilters
  • Curved Piecers
  • Those wanting to try curved piecing
  • Bored Quilters!

Shorthand creates lovely shapes and inspires endless possibilities. The simplicity of the creation of these shapes is also a great seller


Patterns in this collection are always being created and released. Currently I offer:

Trellis Twist

✔️ Fat Quarter Friendly

✔️ Large Blocks

✔️ Includes paper curved template

✔️ Included Sizes: Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen, and King

Ancient Words

✔️ 2-Color Quilt

✔️ Abstract Design

✔️ Includes paper curved template

✔️ Included Sizes: Baby, Throw, Twin


✔️ Easy fabric selections: Choose a background and pull 3 colors from it

✔️ Lots of negative space for quilting or showing off your favorite fabric

✔️ Includes paper curved template

✔️ Included Sizes: Runner, Throw, Twin, Queen

Compass Course

✔️ Works well with 10″ precuts

✔️ Perfect for new curved piecers

✔️ Includes paper curved template

✔️ Included Sizes: Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen, King

Oh, Tannenbaum!

✔️ Works well for Christmas or Winter themes

✔️ Great for a scrappy, tone-on-tone background

✔️ Includes paper curved template

✔️ Included Sizes: Throw, Queen, King

Demo Demo Demo

Samples sell quilts. We all know that. And without a doubt a sample of any of my Shorthand Companion patterns is going to sell, but I want to tell you something you don’t already know…

Demos sell these templates like wildfire. If you can make a kit or bundle to go with the demo, you’re golden.

People are genuinely interested in learning about new tools and notions. Take the opportunity to show them something new! This creates value in your product and in you as a shop! I know that many of you don’t have time to be running a demo all day in your shop, feel free to set up an Ipad and play my videos next to your Shorthand Display.

If you want to continuously play one of my Youtube Demos, just pull it up on your screen, right click on the play button, and click “loop” — this will replay the video automatically until you turn it off!


I suggest using a 28mm rotary cutter with these templates. I find that it fits nicely into the curve and gives me a really accurate cut. I prefer Martelli Brand, but you can use any brand you like!


As a new tool and shape, there are sure to be some teaching moments to happen between you and your customers.

✔️ All packaging includes a link to my website with videos, tutorials, and FAQs about the template set. (You can check it out here, if you’d like!)

✔️ Includes a download code for a free pattern, Cookie Cutter. This pattern uses the same block throughout the quilt, allowing your customer to get comfortable with the template set and then come back into your shop to get her additional patterns!

Create Some Buzz!

Connect with me and your customers on Instagram by using #ShorthandTemplate and encouraging others to do the same as they work on their projects! I’ll do my best to cheer you and your customers on as they take on this new project.

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