Lectures typically last about 1 hour and include an introduction, a little bit about me and some of my designs, and plenty of time for questions and answers at the end. We will have a great time with door prizes and raffles along the way. Pair a Lecture with a Workshop or Trunk Show for a discounted rate.

Bringing Quilting to the Next Generation

I want my business to embody the idea of “tradition gone modern.” Why? Quilting and sewing have touched my life and brought me into deep relationships with women across generations. This is something that I don’t want my children and grandchildren to miss out on! Join me in a one hour lecture about how we can effectively pass on this timeless and treasured tradition to the next generation. (This lecture is a great pairing with my Passing on the Tradition workshop!)

Next Generation Lecture | 45-60 minutes 

My Inspiration and Process

This is a very casual 1 hour lecture about the inspirations for my designs and my process. I’ll show you sketches, total fails, and my successes! If you’re lucky, you might just get a sneak peek at what’s coming up next! This is a perfect pairing with my Trunk Show.

Inspiration and Process Lecture | 45-60 minutes

Quilting with Purpose

Quilting and sewing can be more than just fun! Join me in a one hour talk about how this well-loved hobby can be purposeful and impactful on the people around us and how we can make a difference by doing the thing we love. This lecture pairs beautifully with my Volunteer Workshop!

Quilting with a Purpose Lecture | 45-60 minutes

Pattern Design

Pattern design is a long, exciting, and sometimes grueling process. If you have a group that is interested in trying their hand at pattern design, or just curious about how it all works, then this lecture will be the perfect  behind-the-scenes look!

Pattern Design Lecture | 45-60 minutes

Have an idea for a lecture or workshop that you’d like me to offer? Contact me with your idea, and we’ll see what we can come up with!

Book Rachel Rossi for your next Sewing Speaking Engagement

All lecture pricing is the same. The pricing schedule is as follows:

2025 Lectures: $500 + travel expenses

2026 Lectures: $550 + travel expenses

All lecture, workshop, and trunk shows outside of a 2-hour radius of Lancaster, PA will include additional travel fees at the current IRS rate as well as lodging. If you are outside of my radius, consider partnering with another group or shop to save on costs! Also, scheduling events before and after trade shows in your area can save on fees if I am vending nearby!

I require a working projector and computer with an internet connection for all live lecture, workshop, and class presentations.