Many of my quilt designs include just a little bit of embroidery, so here you’ll find my growing library of short and sweet embroidery tutorials. Check out this page for embroidery video tutorials, my favorite embroidery supplies, and quilt patterns that incorporate embroidery. I hope you enjoy!

Satin Stitch

Notes on the Satin Stitch:

  • Please notice! If you’re creating a large Satin stitch like this and planning to quilt over it, you’re going to need a good plan! You don’t want your machine foot to get stuck on it as you work. Plan to use some sort of paper or wash out interfacing over top to create a barrier between machine foot and threads when quilting.

Chain Stitch

Love embroidered details in quilts?

Then check out these beauties! Click on any image to learn more about the quilt pattern or to order a copy.

My Favorite Supplies

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More quilts that show off your embroidery designs

Enjoy these quilt patterns that can show off your favorite embroidery pieces!