Tea To Go | Marketing Tools

Tea To Go is not my most expensive pattern, but it is my top seller for quantity! People love the versatility of this quick and easy project. You will be amazed as you watch these patterns fly off the shelf. A tiny kit that includes the fabric, button, and elastic is basically irresistible when placed near your cash register…just like candy!

Tea To Go was originally designed for tea bags, but it is the perfect thing to hold whatever is floating around your purse! Here are some other great ideas suggested by my customers:

  • Instant Coffee Bags (Maxwell House Makes these)
  • Sugar
  • Water Flavoring Packets (like Crystal Light)
  • Portable Sewing Kit
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Feminine Products
  • Chocolate Stash!

The most effective way to display this pattern is to make two samples: Keep one closed and place it on/near an open one that contains 6 different items listed above. This setup triggers the imagination of your customers and they will come up with even more great ideas. Having one folded on top just saves you from showing every customer how to fold it!