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Squared is a wonderful pattern for quilters. It’s written in simple, easy to understand “quilt talk”!

Whip up a sample that customers can try on so that they realize it is truly a one-size-fits-all pattern!

They will go wild when they realize they can create Squared with all of those lush fabrics that they don’t know what to do with such as:

  • Double Gauze (I find that the best Double Gauze and Cuddle comes from Shannon Fabrics)
  • Kantha Cloth (shown on pattern cover)
  • Double sided cuddle (I also think that Shannon Fabrics has the best quality on this as well!)

Will my customers be hesitant to try these new fabrics?

NO! Not if you instill some confidence in them! Here are some FAQs for each of these fabrics:

Double Sided Cuddle (or Minky)

  • Fuzz: Everyone loves the feeling but no quilter likes the fuzz created from this stuff. Want to know the secret? Do the cutting and then throw your fabric in the dryer with a wet washcloth! The lint will be collected and it won’t shed one bit!

Double Gauze

  • Is it hard to sew on?
    • My short answer here is no!
    • It has a little bit of stretch, but is very forgiving.
    • When stitching, I suggest going over the edges with a zig zag stitch or serger to avoid fraying down the road. Easy Peasy!


  • What is this stuff?!
    • Kantha cloth is essentially a pre-pieced quilt top, quilted together with a running stitch. It’s gorgeous and because of the intensive process to create it, it isn’t cheap.
  • Because of it’s many layers, it’s perfect for creating a Squared Wrap.
  • Simply hem the edges and add the neck band for a project that looks like it took a small eternity, but really took you about an hour!

Pre Wash

  • Should I prewash?
    • Quilter’s often forget that things that will be worn and washed should be prewashed! I highly suggest pre-washing the yardage so that you don’t lose any of this gorgeous drape.

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