Stop that Shed!

Cuddle, by Shannon Fabrics, has been a long time favorite of mine. Use their luxurious double sided fabric for a Squared Fashion Wrap or slap it on the back of a quilt for the snuggliest sewing session of your life — I know, I know. BUT IT SHEDS you say!

but to that I must ask…does it have to?

I’ve got a delicious little tidbit here for you that seems to not be common knowledge. It’s simple, but if I don’t tell you, then you might never know!

How to use Cuddle without it Shedding

Cuddle is really a great product. It’s softer than anything out there, durable, and it won’t fray. The shedding can be annoying, but I’m going to show you how to limit and contain the shed for a much more enjoyable sewing time.


First, you’re going to clear off your cutting table and grab a plastic bag. Cut your cuddle to size.

In my case I was cutting a little larger than my quilt top so that I could fold it over as a binding—whatever you’re doing, make all the cuts you’re going to make now.


Now, quickly and carefully put the cuddle into that plastic bag, close it and then take it over to your dryer.

Grab a washcloth, get it wet, and throw it into the dryer with the cuddle (DO NOT put the plastic bag in the dryer please!)

Run the dryer on low heat for a cycle (make sure that this jives with whatever else is in the dryer – don’t forget to consider quilt top and binding requirements!). While that’s running, go clean up the fuzz on your cutting table so that it doesn’t travel.

BUZZ! Now, take out your cuddle and washcloth…NO MORE FUZZ!

Make sure to empty out your lint tray — that’s where the fuzz lives now.


That’s IT! Now you can sew without fuzz flying all over the place. I went on to sew the EASIEST (and softest) binding you’ve ever seen…I can’t wait to share that tutorial with you soon.

I stitched up a new Merry Mixer quilt – this is my absolute go-to when I’ve got a fabric that I want to show off.

Merry Mixer Quilt

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