A Little Help from the Experts

My last blog post about our new Baby Nursery gave me the opportunity to flex my interior design muscles. I expect to get that chance once in a while, but somehow these two posts lined up right next to each other!

A few weeks ago, Ryan from Redfin.com reached out, looking for advice on his new article about creating the perfect quilting room. I had lots of ideas in response to his simple request for one piece of advice.

I was delighted to read the whole article, I was loving all the great tips from Hoffman Fabrics, Then Came June, and a whole slew of other great designers and industry professionals! You can read the whole thing here: Creating the Ultimate Quilting Room

There were some really great pieces of advice (other than my own, of course!) from all over the place! This is definitely an article to take into consideration when creating your dream quilt room. Here are two of my favorites, but Ryan really did a great job at covering all the bases with help from his new quilty friends!

Plan for the future. Our workstations (inclusive of a cutting table, ironing station and sewing table) should double as storage with cubbies or shelves underneath, along with having rollers for easy relocation and cleaning. If possible, abundant electrical outlets are crucial for set-up and changes to your layout in the future.”

Quilting by the River

Natural light is a necessity for your quilting room. But be careful with direct sunlight. Always store fabric out of direct sunlight to prevent fading (in a dark cupboard if possible) and be mindful of putting your cutting table right under a window where hot, direct sun will cause your cutting board to warp

Bonjour Quilts

If you thought those were good or are working on creating your dream quit room, make sure to check out the whole article over on redfin.com!

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