Aerie | Pattern Release

Nothing like a pattern release to start the spring season out right! What could be more perfect than this bright, spunky design!?

I’m excited to present Aerie to you, and technically, you’ve already seen this design, so this is actually a pattern re-release. Do you recognize it?

A few years back, I released the Breezy quilt pattern. It included two designs that were made out of the same blocks:

On the left you have a massive king-sized quilt, made of four baby-sized quilts and a few borders. On the right you have that baby-sized quilt that makes up the king sized quilt.

…see how this can get confusing?

After a few years of confusion and realizing that neither quilt design gets the attention she deserves, I’ve decided to re-release both patterns separately with some really nice updates. And while today is Aerie’s day, know that I will be re-releasing the king sized Breezy design (in multiple sizes – yay!) later this summer.

Pattern Upgrades

Now, it’s not a re-release unless you get something more out of the deal. SO, the upgrades in this pattern are the sizes. Before, my pattern only included instructions on a baby quilt design. Now it’s available in Baby, Throw, Twin, and could easily be sized up to Queen from there if you wished.

What’s Not to Love?!

Sarah H. Modern Pinwheel Quilt
Sarah’s autumn color palette blew me away!

The great thing about this pattern is that you can customize it in so many interesting ways!

A New Look for Fabric Panels

During pattern testing, I found it incredible just how many fabric panels lend themselves nicely to this pattern. I think there’s something really interesting about taking a square image and cropping it on the diagonal.

I love this Skyline panel that Joanne used in her quilt top

Large Prints

Have you been holding onto a large print because you just. can’t. cut. it?

…if the answer is no, you’re a much stronger person than I am!

The large negative space created in the corner of this quilt is perfect for showing off those favorite prints, big or small!

Jenniffer pulled this beauty from her stash and I love it!

Pinwheels on Pinwheels

Yes, this quilt uses a lot of pinwheels (don’t worry- I make it as painless as possible!), but there’s so many things you can do with them! You can come up with some incredible flow just by using an ombre or even rainbow fabric like I did in my version:

Twin Size Aerie

Can you believe that these pinwheels all come from the same two fabrics?!

If rainbows aren’t really your thing, but you like the subtle look of ombre – you can separate your pinwheels into color groups and fade the color as you go up, down, or side to side. (Yes, this takes a bit of figuring, and is not included in the pattern, but it’s been done!)

The Aerie Pattern is Now Shipping!

I’m really excited to have finally refined this pattern to let it shine on it’s own. If you’d like to grab a copy, it’s available in my shop now! If you’re drooling over the cover quilt as much as I am, you can get a kit with all of the exact same fabrics in my shop as well.

Take a look around the shop while you’re there – there are lot of other great kits and patterns available!

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