What’s My Style? Art Deco Interior Design

Welcome to week #2 of our series on interior design styles. Don’t worry: it’s not too late to catch up! Hop on over to last week’s post about traditional styled interiors! If you’re all caught up, get ready for a fun post. Art Deco is one of my favorite styles. I can’t think of anything that is more quirky and fun than an Art Deco interior.

The Art Deco Style

Art Deco began in the early 1900’s but was most popular between World War I and II. Movies and shows like Public Enemies or Downton Abbey should come to mind when thinking about this time period. Think luxury, glamor, and Hollywood! You will see a lot of Art Deco style in older hotels and buildings, like the Chrysler Building in NYC.


This was the beginning of mass production of furniture, and geometric shapes and angles were all the rage! And when I say all the rage, I mean it. A lot of Art Deco pieces have so much ornamentation, it can look cluttered! That’s the best part about this style—it’s very eclectic! There was so much going on in the world: discoveries of ancient or exotic things, a bunch of wars, industrialization—and it truly reflected in their interiors. Almost everything was new; the only thing that stuck around was a love of symmetry from the traditional style, even though they threw curves and softness out the window!

Art Deco Bathroom
  • Favorite fabrics of the style are animal prints, repeating geometric patterns
  • Anything shiny (mirrors, chrome, highly polished furniture, even fabric)
  • Geometry in furniture and textiles
  • Travel/exotic themes are also present: look for Egyptian pyramids, sphinx, and exotic animal prints!


Art Deco Lobby

  • Contrast and shine!
  • Black, chrome, gold, red, yellow are the most popular colors
  • Pale wood tones


Furniture is my favorite part of the Art Deco style. There are so many good, interesting pieces to be found! Art Deco furniture has strong lines and generally, is pretty bold. Upholstered pieces will often have  a back that resembles a shell. Like textiles of the time, furniture carries a lot of geometric patterns and angles. Lighter wood tones are popular and veneers are also very big in this time period, though I’ve also noticed a lot of wood with distinct grains as well.

Art Deco Furniture


To sum it up, Art Deco is a great style, that can easily be incorporated into any space! The colors, the furniture, and the themes can be taken separately or together to create a gorgeous, dramatic space! Make sure to check out my Design Style Vault to see all the different types of interior design styles and how you can pull them off in your home!

Interior Design Style Vault

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