Make Your Bed & Enjoy It Too


Bored with your pillows and don’t know what to do? Have a beautiful headboard that you don’t want to cover up? Maybe you’re just looking for a different arrangement to make bed-making a little less blah. I’ve put together some ideas from my own pillows that might just catch your eye! I’ve also added some inspiration from Pinterest and Houzz!

Ole’ Faithful

The tried and true pillow arrangement. No risk involved, because we all know it looks lovely!

Bedroom Pillows

Banana Split

Mix it up! Instead of keeping the Euro shams together, split them up!

Bedroom Pillows

Three’s Company

This cue from Houzz is just gorgeous! Three Euro shams and small accent pillows make a great set!

Master Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom by Medford Interior Designers & Decorators Terra Firma Home

Stack It Up

Stack two sets of bed pillows on top of each other and accent with two square accent pillows. I love this look!

Bed Pillows

Contemporary Bedroom by Sydney Home Builders Capital Building

It’s Easy Being Green

Skip the standard sham and grab an extra Euro sham accent with some square pillows in front.

Guest Bed Pillows

Simple Green Decorative Pillows by

I hope these ideas inspire you to have some fun with your bedding! Why make it a chore that you dread when it can be a new masterpiece every day!? I would love to see your creative bedding ideas in the comments below!


  1. Hi

    This is an old post so hopefully this reaches you 🙂

    I absolutely love the arrangement of the “It’s Easy Being Green” image, so much so that I’m trying to recreate it in my home. I’m having trouble finding the gorgeous quilt cover, can you recall any information about it?


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, I searched around for this again and it’s no longer being sold! It is a beauty though, isn’t it! Good luck finding something similar 🙂

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