Two Left Feet?

Unlock Unlimited Potential with your Presser Feet!

Did you spend a lot of money on a BERNINA Sewing Machine, convinced it could do anything?

It really can! I have been wowed by the potential of my BERNINA 590 Sewing Machine. The thing is, you don’t have to have a big fancy machine to do incredible work on your sewing machine.

The secret is in the feet.

Yes. Even the most basic BERNINA Model can sew on binding, create perfect ruffles, sew through leather with ease, and so so much more!

Today I want to tell you about what I’ve been doing over at The Old Country Store to help BERNINA owners learn more about their machines and unlock the hidden potential in their sewing rooms.

BERNINA Academy was great! It was like a key to unlocking endless possibilities for creativity with sewing and quilting.

Susan, Conestoga PA

I have been partnering with the Old Country Store in Lancaster PA to offer BERNINA Academy. This once-monthly class that is offered ten times through-out the year. We meet for three hours and explore three different BERNINA Feet or Attachments.

How to make decorative pintucks on your BERNINA
These decorative Pintucks are made easy with your BERNINA and her feet!

This is a skill-based class, so we aren’t creating actual projects, but will be making small samples that will allow us to master each BERNINA foot and store away the information for when we need it!

All skill levels are welcome. Rachel is patient (and sweet). She gives individual help and willingly repeats instruction. I will be taking BERNINA Academy II. Forming friendships with classmates made learning fun!

Pat, Morgantown, PA

If you’re curious about what feet we cover, here is the full list:

  • #0 (ZigZag Foot)
  • #2/2A (Overlock Foot)
  • #3/3c (Buttonhole Feet)
  • #4/14D (Zipper Foot)
  • #5 (Blind stitch Foot)
  • #6 (Embroidery Foot)
  • #7 (Tailor Tack Foot)
  • #11 (Cordonnete Foot)
  • #16 (Gathering Foot)
  • #18 (Button Sew-On Foot)
  • #20 (Open Embroidery Foot)
  • #24 (Freehand Embroidery Foot)
  • #29 (Freehand Quilting Foot)
  • #31 (Pintuck Foot)
  • #35 (Invisible Zipper Foot)
  • #38 (Piping Foot)
  • #39 (Clear Embroidery Foot)
  • #43 (Freemotion Couching Foot)
  • #45 (Needle Punch Attachment)
  • #46C (Pintuck & Decorative Stitch Foot)
  • #47 (Spanish Hemstitch Attachment)
  • #50 (Walking Foot)
  • #55 (Leather Rolling Foot)
  • #61-69 (Hemmer Feet)
  • #70/71 (Lap Seam Foot)
  • #82/92 (Eyelet Embroidery Set)
  • #83 (Circular Embroidery Attachment)
  • #86 (Ruffler Attachment)
  • #87,88,95 (Binder Attachment)

Now THAT is a lot of feet!

But let me tell you, I think there is great value in this class- more than just expanding your knowledge base (which we’ll get to in a minute). There are lots of feet that do similar things or even the SAME thing, but in this class, you’ll get a chance to try them out and compare them before you buy them. And if you decide to purchase feet during class, our partner, Hinkletown Sewing, will give you 20% off of those feet!

Learn how to use your BERNINA Feet
Ever wish your machine could fold and sew on your binding by itself? It can!

Now, onto growing that knowledge base of yours. There are countless techniques and ideas that stem out of this class. Adding these to your “toolbox” can change your outlook on sewing and the quality of your future projects!

It was a great to grow and expand my knowledge and resources for expressing myself and using my talents

We will cover everything:

  • Sewing on Buttons and Buttonholes
  • Sewing with Double Needles
  • How to sew on Invisible Zippers
  • How to hide Standard Zippers
  • How to do a Blind Stitch Hem
  • Gathering vs Ruffling
  • The best feet for Embroidery Work
  • The best feet for Applique Work (as well as trying different Applique Technqiues!)
  • Couching
  • Needle Felting (yeah- ON YOUR SEWING MACHINE!)
  • Pintucks and Heirloom work
  • How in the world to make the most of your Walking Foot
  • How to work with Leather and Vinyl
  • How to get perfect Hems and Lap Seams
  • How to sew on Binding in one simple step
  • Piping, Piping, Piping!
  • What in the world a Hemstitch Needle is and how to use it

In addition, throughout each class, I like to share my tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas for different techniques! I include handouts for things like sewing zippers, calculating ruffles—it’s so much more than feet!

How to make a snowflake on your BERNINA
Want to do more heirloom work on your BERNINA? Let me show you how!

If you’re interested in learning more about this class, or signing up, make sure to head over to The Old Country Store Class Page to claim your spot! Currently, you can sign up all ten sessions for just $360. That’s less than $1 a day to learn 30 different feet and skills. You’ll also get a free BERNINA Accessories Bag in our November Graduation that you’re going to LOVE (valued at $99)! If you’d prefer to sign up on a monthly basis, each class will be offered individually for $45 per session.

Update: If you’d like to sign up for the remainder of the year, please get in touch with Donna at the Old Country Store. This option isn’t available unless you call in.

The best part is that the fun doesn’t have to end in November. For students that want to complete projects with your new-found skills, we will be offering BERNINA Academy II. This class is only available to graduates of BERNINA Academy I, and is chock-full of fun!

If you want to add to your tool box and take full advantage of this incredible sewing machine you’ve come to own, make sure to sign up today!

Still not sure?

Let me assure you, the reason you’re taking a class is to learn! You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to attend! We welcome all skill and knowledge levels. You’ll find support from me as your teacher and encouragement from your fellow sewists as we dive into this new world together!

Scalloped Edge on your Sewing machine
Want to get decorative? It’s on the schedule! Scalloped edges and Spanish Hemstitching galore!

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