Finally! The Big Nursery Reveal

The big reveal is finally here! That’s right—the wee babe is almost 2 months old and I’m just waiting until now to show you her lovely little nursery. It’s like newborns take over your life or something…

But really, we are so excited to finally be able to hold our little ladybug and we thoroughly enjoy every sweet moment we get with her. This nursery was certainly a labor of love, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with her and now you too! So here it is: our Hot Air Balloon Nursery…

These sweet hanging hot air balloons were made by the talented ladies that threw me the most perfect baby shower. I couldn’t help but incorporate some of the decor into the nursery. These little lovelies drift right over the end of baby’s crib.

This gorgeous antique print and my vintage topographical maps (below) were the color inspiration for my nursery. I loved the muted tones of antique green, peach, and baby blue.

Our sweet Cape Cod house has all sorts of charm, slanted ceilings in the second floor (which we painted a vintage mint green), cubbies, dormers, and these sweet shelves running around the perimeter of the nursery. They are so much fun to decorate! This print was given to us by a friend along with a copy of Dr.Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go for each of baby’s teachers to sign at the end of each school year— What a great idea!

Our nursery is quite large, and since we had the space (and for the sake of convenience), we chose to add a daybed to our nursery. I would absolutely suggest that you do this in your nursery if you can—it’s perfect for those long nights when baby just doesn’t want to sleep, for nursing while laying down, and when Mommy just needs a few hours of rest Daddy can crash with the baby. It’s really the best choice we’ve made in arranging the nursery.

Another choice that I’m super tickled with was the decision to remove the nursery closet doors. They live in the basement now and can easily be put back in, but for now, life is a lot easier without them. And having no doors on the closet encourages me to keep things clean and organized in there!

I was pretty excited that Target chose to have the exact color scheme in their kid’s organizing section!

Pretty little details….

My changing table is actually an old Hoosier! If you want to see how I repurposed this old beauty, be sure to check out my tutorial.

Every baby needs a spot for her oils!

This antique scale snuggles in perfectly to my hoosier changing table:


I’m so excited to finally share my nursery with you all! I’d love to see your nursery successes! Share them with me on Facebook or show off in the comments below—either way, happy sharing!

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