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Today is a very exciting day: I am releasing my first quilt pattern! It just so happens to be near and dear to my heart as well. I worked hard to create a simple, fun, and easy baby quilt that you’ll love making and the little man in your life will love now and for years to come. This construction crane quilt is just perfect for any little one. The blocks create a simple base and the crane with it’s swinging stone block creates some movement. I’d love to tell you all about it, but first I’ll let you see it full size!

Children's Construction Quilt

This quilt was created in my mind as soon as I found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant with her second child. When we knew it was going to be a boy, it was inevitable that his nursery would be bright construction colors because he comes from a long line of construction workers, and what can be more fun than bright oranges, yellows and greens for baby’s room!? As soon as I heard this, the idea for this quilt popped into my head and I knew it had to be ready for his arrival!

Baby Boy Quilt Construction

Early into the pregnancy, we knew that little Joey would be early, so I created a premie quilt for him (see it here). I knew he wouldn’t get to have his construction quilt for a while, but we didn’t know how early his arrival would be! After what seemed like an eternity, Joey and his mom are safely home- praise the Lord! As his welcome home gift, he’ll receive his construction baby quilt, complete with a giant yellow crane and stone blocks. I hope it’s something he will treasure for many years.

A Baby Boy Construction Quilt

Childrens Construction Quilt

I chose to keep things really simple for this baby quilt. I’m starting to fall in love with simple quilts that have a lot of white space. Plus, a simple quilt is typically a quick quilt! Baby quilts are always a blast and this little construction quilt was no exception! I haven’t come across a lot of construction-themed quilts, so it’s something new too! It involves very little piecing, a little bit of appliqué and a smidge of embriodery; just enough to keep things interesting. This project could probably be finished in a day, which is the great thing about baby quilts!


The appliqué is very simple on this little boys quilt. The majority is straight lines, for which you can use a zig-zag stich, or my favorite, a blanket stitch. The puffs of smoke have a few curves but are still very simple.

Val H2

Look at the amazing detail that tester, Valerie, added to her Baby Quilt!


Chain Stitch

The Embroidery on this quilt is so fun, it’s probably my favorite detail! I used a chain stitch to create the chain going from the crane to the stone block. It’s very simple and directions are included in the pattern. The other embroidered detail is the controls in the window of the crane… I just couldn’t help myself! How adorable can a baby boy quilt get!?

Thank you so much for your support and I can’t wait for more pattern releases like this! If you’d like to make this quilt for your son, grandson, nephew, or just a special little one in your life, you can hop on over to my shop and get a copy of the pattern for yourself! And don’t forget to check out all the amazing quilts made by my pattern testers below! They worked hard to make sure that this pattern is perfect for you, so get some ideas for your own quilt and enjoy the photos:

Jennifer J

This one was made by Jennifer over at Little T’s Textiles!

Val H3

Meriel J

Theresa L

Erin B

Luan P

After trying it out, many of my testers realized that this is the perfect fit for a child’s mattress!

Jennifer S's Building Blocks Quilt

Jolien T's Children's Construction Quilt

Diane C's Boy's Construction Quilt

This little guy was made by Diane over at Two Chicklets, be sure to check her Facebook Page out!

Laura B's Construction Quilt

Dominique M's Boy's Construction Quilt

Ashley M's Crane Quilt

Laura W's Crane Quilt
Maggie W's Construction Quilt

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