Crap, It’s Christmas! | Day 1


Here we are! It’s the first day of the Crap, it’s Christmas Stocking Sew Along! It’s not that we hate Christmas—it is the most wonderful time of the year after all, there’s just some projects that you’ve been putting off that just make you say, “Oh Crap!”

If you haven’t already, make sure to get your copy of the Sashay Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern for just $1 during the sew-along! Just use promo code CrapItsChristmas at checkout. Once you’ve got your pattern, you’re in! Let’s get started on this sew along, shall we?

Day 1 and day 5 are always the most fun—there’s nothing better than wandering around the fabric store, full of possibilities for your little stocking. And there’s nothing quite like hanging your sweet stocking on the mantle, turning on the Christmas lights, stepping back, and soaking in the pride of a job well done. Today is the first of these two wonderful moments! Let’s get fabric shopping.


What You’ll Need:

As listed in your pattern, you’re going to need the following supplies to make your Christmas Stocking…

  • 2 fabrics for the stocking body (remember, this stocking is reversible, so you’ll need an exterior and interior fabric:
    • 1/2 yard for Exterior (If using a directional print, you’ll need 3/4 yards
    • 1/2 yard for Interior (If using a directional print, you’ll need 3/4 yards)
  • 2 fabrics for the cuff (again, you’ll need two: one for the interior and one for the exterior)
    • 1/4 yard for the exterior cuff
    • 1/4 yard for the interior cuff
  • Batting: 1/2 yard
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing: 2/3 yard
  • 1-1/2″ ribbon: 5 yards (for a boy’s version, using piping, you’d need 1-1/2 yards of piping and 12″ of ribbon)
  • 2 fabulous buttons

Get Shopping!

Now that you’ve got your shopping list, let’s get going to the store! Don’t forget to check on your sewing staples, like matching thread and hand sewing needles…it’s never fun to get home and then realize that you don’t have everything you need.


If you’re nervous about choosing fabrics, make sure to check out some of my helpful posts! I’ve got a great one on choosing fabrics for quilts, but it applies to smaller projects like the stocking, and for a more technical tutorial, check out my Color Wheel 101 post.


Once you’ve got your fabrics all chosen, make sure to post them here, or use #CrapItsChristmas on Facebook and Instagram! It’s a party & we want to see what marvelous selections you’ve made. If you haven’t joined my Facebook group, now is the time to do it—you don’t want to miss out on all the sew-along chitter chatter!

I’ll see you tomorrow & we’ll get to cutting. Happy shopping!

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