Decorating with Cotton

When I was young, my mom received a beautiful cotton wreath from  a friend that recently moved to the South. When she told us that she picked the cotton from her backyard to make the wreath, I about lost my mind and have been obsessed with this gorgeous, fluffy, perfectly colored plant ever since. I’ve found some fun ways to incorporate it into your home!


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Cotton Decoration

Cotton Garland










Now that I have my own home, I wanted to add this charming plant somewhere in my décor. I think it’s a lovely addition to a not-so-exciting chandelier and looks fabulous wired onto my napkin rings!

Cotton Napkin Ring

There’s so many fun things that you can do with this plant, it flows beautifully with every season, not just fall! Check out these Christmas decorations from Verily and Sophia’s.

Christmas Cotton Decorations

We all know that cotton is perfect for summertime. Check out these images from StyleMePretty & their summer wedding (gorgeous!). Magnolia Market even used it in one of the older seasons of Fixer Upper.

Cotton Door hanging Cotton Decor

Cotton can get expensive depending on your location. If you’re not in the south and don’t have access to fields full of cotton, invest in a few stems and scatter them around the house like I did!

fireplace wall art from antique wood

You can find wired cotton at your local craft store (make sure you have a coupon!) or online. I found these full stems on Amazon. I’d love to see your favorite cotton decorations and projects on my Facebook page, or tell me about them in the comments below!


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