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I’m creating an heirloom… have you ever thought that while you were wildly stitching away at a quilt? If not, start thinking it—because quilts are an heirloom piece! They have a long lifetime, function, and hold tons of meaning for the giver and receiver! But part of the heirloom quality of quilting lies in the label. Knowing who the quilt was made for and by (and maybe even why) is special for future generations that snuggle under those threads.

It’s often easy to hurry over the quilt label because it’s the last piece to the quilt, but a few extra minutes spent on the label will be appreciated by whoever gets your quilt and whoever they pass it on to someday. So, to get you inspired to take the time and make this important part of the quilt, I’ve got some fresh quilt label ideas for you!

Modern Quilt Label

My go-to and favorite way to label a quilt is with a fabric tab. This is easily made from one of the coordinating scraps and doesn’t take much time or effort. This is a great quilt label if you’re not one to ramble on with quotes, notes, or things of that nature. There’s only room for a name & a date!

An easy way to make a modern quilt label using fabric. Make a fabric quilt tag to label your next quilt!

For a full tutorial on making a fabric tag quilt label, check out my label tutorial, here!

The Corner Label

This is a fun twist on the traditional quilt label that makes it just modern enough! I love that the triangle still feels “quilty” but it’s interesting and eye catching! There’s a fantastic tutorial on it way on how to make this corner quilt label. And be sure to check out the quilt that goes with this adorable label over at The Crafty Quilter!


Pre-Made & Custom Made Quilt Labels

If you want a really professional finish to your quilt, consider going with a custom made quilt label from one of the many sellers on Etsy. Quilt shops often sell label panels that provide a gorgeous look and room to still write a hand-written sentiment. I love this one from Quilting in the Rain!


You can get sassy little labels, like this one, made on Etsy!

You Can get CD’s that have hundreds of quilt labels for you to print on your own! This one looks fantastic & you can order it on Amazon!

Embroidered Quilt Labels

I am a big fan of embroidery. It’s one of my favorite ways to work with my hands…everything just comes out so beautifully! You can embroider your entire message and then sew the label onto your quilt or you can hand write your quotes, notes, etc. on fabric & then attach it to the quilt with a fun embroidery stitch, like a blanket stitch! My Rose Valley has a great tutorial on making a label to blanket stitch on!

embriodered-quilt-lable embriodered-quilt-labels

Traditional Quilt Labels

When I think of a quilt label, this is what I think of:


I might be the only one, and it may be because this is how everyone taught me to label my quilts…I’m not sure. But either way, just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it isn’t great too! Pink Doxies has a fantastic, to-the-point tutorial on creating this quilt label & you should definitely check it out.

What’s your favorite way to label a quilt? I’m pretty partial to the modern tag, but would love to give the corner label a try! I’d love to see and hear about your labeling techniques in the comments below:


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  1. These are lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just trying to come up with a label for my quilts!!! Thanks for reading my mind!!! 😆

  3. Do you think putting the name of the recipient limits the “pass-down-ability” of the quilt? I am hemhawwing over the label for a quilt being made for a friend’s daughter – they are very much the type of family to pass things on to each generation, and steep upon such gifts a lot of meaning. But does putting the daughter’s name, as opposed to, say “the ______ family,” make it less of an heirloom?

    • I think it just adds to the pass-down-abilitiy! Quilts are all about history and are packed with meaning. To say that it was given to your Great Grandmother and passed down from Grandmother, to Mother , to you is (I think) way more special than a generic family thing. That’s my two cents, but you know the family! 🙂 I say go with whatever feels right- I’m thinking it’ll be special no matter what you choose 🙂

      Happy sewing and I’d love to see your project when it’s finished!

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