New Year, New Gear

This school year might be looking a little different to a lot of students, teachers, and parents. Some are headed back full time, others are virtual, others are a little bit of both.

If you find yourself (or a loved one) toting around a bunch of masks in Ziploc bags, I’m here to rescue you!

I’ve created the perfect DIY COVID Mask Laundry Bag.

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It all started with a teacher friend of mine. I also happen to be married to a teacher, so she and I got together for a mask-making party (A Maskerade, if you will). She planned on changing hers often throughout the day and resorted to Ziploc bags to keep the clean and dirty masks straight.

I wanted to BUST with excitement because I had already been chewing on an idea for a Mask Organizer, but now I had a real reason to knock this project out.

So, one fateful day, I got out my sketchbook, dug through my stash and found the perfect Batiks to handle the job.

I finished the simple bag off with a snap (I love those Babyville Pliers and Snaps!) and some rigid openings to keep everything in place.

This project went surprisingly quick and turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

After creating the bag, I got to playing on my Cricut Explore Air to create the lovely letter details…I may have had a little too much fun with this!

These bags were so quick and fun, that I even made a second one for my hubby — slightly less quirky, but just as good at keeping dirty and clean masks separated!

Get your Maskerade Pattern Here!

If you’ve been looking for a mask organizer bag, look no more! This single bag is separated into to compartments for quick and easy storage of clean and dirty masks. Customize with your favorite fabrics, iron-ons and patches.

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