DIY Outdoor Rug

Make your own area rug!

I believe it’s time for a quick, simple DIY!

This is one of my favorite outdoor DIYs so far because it’s quick, easy, cheap, and you have complete creative control! I give you: the patio rug.

I’ve been shopping around for something to class up my patio (aka: cement pad under the deck). I figured a rug would ground everything and make it look a little more homey and a little less icky. Unfortunately, outdoor rugs cost a small fortune and if it’s going to sit outside all summer, I’m not willing to drop too much cash for it. I would say (depending on the size) you can create this same outdoor area rug for under $20! Let me show you how:

What you’ll need

  • A canvas drop cloth (mine is 6×9)
  • Paint (I used 3 sample sizes from Lowe’s—I love those little things!)
  • Painters tape (if you’re doing stripes) or stencils if you’re going for a pattern
  • Paint rollers or brushes
Using sample sized paints

How To

This is going to be pretty short and sweet! First lay out your canvas (make sure to use a drop cloth underneath—it will soak through!).

Then place your painters tape or stencil where you’d like it. I went for a very simple look and did 3 stripes that meet in the corner.

Paint away! Feel free to use a roller or brush, I went with a roller, which is going to create a more grungy, weathered look.

Painting an outdoor area rug

Once that dries, peel off your tape and place the rug wherever you’d like!

Make your own area rug!

Once that’s all done, take a picture and post it on my Facebook page! I love to see your DIY projects and we all know you want to share!


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  1. What would you use under it so it does not bunch up or slide around? There is a product out there that might work. Great Blog! Gram

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