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“I’m not sure what my style is. I like a little bit of everything…so I guess I’m eclectic!” Stop right there! Just because you like a lot of stuff doesn’t mean that you’re automatically part of the eclectic club! Though it seems like just a bunch of “stuff,” true eclecticism is a careful curation of that “stuff.” Let me tell you how: eclecticism takes different pieces from different styles and time periods and combines them harmoniously. It’s not knick-knacks or what you call a room that feels weird; it’s just a combination of styles into a cohesive space. How do we achieve this cohesive look? I thought you’d never ask!



Color brings together a space in almost every style. The eclectic style depends on great color coordination. It usually includes a lot of neutrals and one or two accent colors that carry throughout the space.



Texture is always my favorite part of interior design. Whether it’s on the walls, carpet, furniture, or accessories, I love things that I can feel. Texture plays a huge role in any space, but it’s critical to get it right in an eclectic space, otherwise you’ll have a mish-mosh space, rather than something cohesive.



Fabric is one of the easiest ways to accomplish my two previous points: color and texture. Find a great pattern that you love, pull out some basic shapes or colors, and repeat them throughout the space.



Wood and metal finishes really polish a look. Unless you’re going for a mixed metal look, try to stick to 1–2 metal finishes for frames, knobs, and other hardware. The same rule applies to wood paint or stain finishes: 1–2 is really the key!

Starting to sound harder than you thought? Many designers think that eclectic design is the hardest to pull off. And I’d certainly agree! Some important things to keep in mind when attempting the eclectic style are:


Things look cohesive when they are the correct scale. Please, don’t try to match an oversized couch with to small armchairs in a space with a low ceiling…it’s just not going to feel right.

Mix It Up

Don’t get matchy-matchy with pieces or sets, or else things will look mis-matchy. Have a great dresser and mirror? Split them up! Don’t cluster matching pieces; instead, distribute them throughout the house or space. This way, it won’t look like you kept changing your mind about your style but rather that you carefully planned their locations (even if it’s not true).

Chill Out

Don’t get confused. Less really is more. A few accessories go a long way.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. My top secret secret to a cohesive eclectic space… drumroll please…


Pillow Style Tip

Find a great pillow that coordinates with other solid pillows, couch, curtains, accessories, or wall art, and distribute them around the space. If it’s anything but a dining room or kitchen you can get away with throw pillows on the floor or even ottomans! Pillows are my favorite and the most cost-effective solution for bringing a space together.

Good luck creating the eclectic look in your space—I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your photos on Facebook! For more styles and tips, visit my Style Vault!

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