Finding the Perfect Match

Ever wonder how to get a perfectly matching seam?! Today I’m going to show you with a quick and simple trick. This is a great tip for matching seams in blocks or even matching repeats on quilt backs and panels! No more waiting around for those serendipitous seams that we see all over Instagram!

Supply List

  • Two seams that need matching
  • Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

How to Perfectly Match a Seam

First, we need to lay out our two sides. In my case, I was putting together an improv block for this adorable Timeless Treasures free quilt tutorial (coming soon!).

Lay the blocks side by side and press a seam (at least 1/4″ wide) into one block where the two will join. Press to hold the fold in place.

Now that you’ve pressed your seam, dab some glue along the edge that will be the seam allowance.

Place the folded edge of the block on top of the block you’re matching to. Match the most important seam or image first. Make sure to finger press everything in place before ironing it to set the glue.

Unfold your blocks so that they are laying right sides together. The glue should hold the two pieces in place without any need for pins.

Stitch along the fold line that you created with your ironing.

Trim the seam down to 1/4″, press again and oh-la-la! You’ve got one perfect little seam!

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