Spring Flowers: Floral Arrangements Made Easy

Spring Flower Arrangement

It’s spring! The calendar says it so it must be true. Spring is my favorite season and with it comes one of my favorite things: door hangings! They’re the first impression that anyone gets of your home, so it’s important to have something that represents you! What better way to do that with than a flower arrangement that you put together yourself?!

Here are some tips for putting together the perfect flower arrangement for your front door…or any arrangement for that matter!

Make It Interesting

Spring Door Hanging

I used quite a few different elements in my hanging: a great basket, some really interesting flowers—some flow right over the edge, others just look cool! You can make it unique with an interestingly shaped wreath (think hearts, squares, and ovals) and they also make quite a few different door-sized baskets.

Create some visual movement with different elements. I did this with flowers that overflow the edges of the basket. This draws the eye down to the basket itself and then back up to the flowers.

Color, color, color! Don’t be afraid of it! Flowers are some of the most diverse, colorful things on the planet! Be bold and have fun! Pick your favorite colors! Inspired by this year’s Pantone Color Of The Year, I went with a radiant orchid scheme.

Create Order

Spring Flower Arrangement

If flowers are natural, why can’t we just throw them in the basket and hope for the best? Well, because chaos isn’t visually pleasing, and a straight line of buds isn’t all that exciting either. Make sure to group different flowers by height—tall in the back, short in the front, and everything else in between. Just like a group picture, make sure that you can see all their beautiful faces!


Spring Flower Arrangement

Chaos isn’t usually so pretty, but diversity is! Make sure that you’re mixing in all sorts of flowers together: tall, fluffy, jaggedy, dark, light, and on and on.

Chop It Off

You can get away with just bending some stems to be the correct height, but generally you’ll want to cut them. It just gets to be a tangled mess if you have a bunch of bent up stems!

If your flowers aren’t staying where you need them to, grab some florist foam (the green kind is the easiest to work with) and cut it to the correct size. This will hold everything right where you want it!

Wrap It Up

Make sure to wrap any stems that look like they will fray (if the stem is paper-like, definitely wrap it!). I used artist’s tape, but green floral tape is probably your best bet!

Floral Tape


You should be well on your way to creating a flower arrangement that will WOW your guests! And remember, have fun with this! I actually got quite a high off of arranging these—who knew fake flowers could be so fun!

Spring Flower Arrangement

I want to hear about your floral arranging tips in the comment section below!

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