Every Notion for Foundation Paper Piecing

Looking for the all-inclusive list of what to have to get started on your FPP project? Look no further! I’ve compiled a great list of products that you definitely want for your Foundation Paper Pieced Projects. First, we’ll go through the must-haves, I couldn’t do without these notions! Then we’ll move on to the nice-to-haves, which is full of great gift ideas for your FPP BFF.

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FPP Must-Haves

Foundation Paper Piecing works most efficiently if you can set up stations at a table or near each other in your sewing space. Since FPP usually deals with smaller blocks, small stations work perfectly.


Get a small ironing mat and a small iron. This is perfect for a tiny ironing station next to your sewing machine.

The Steady Betty Pressing Surface has always been my go-to for small projects.

This Wool Ironing Mat is another fantastic option for small ironing surfaces that fit right next to your machine.

Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter

If you have room at your sewing table, a small cutting mat and rotary cutter make trimming quick and easy.

I love my Martelli Rotary Cutter! They come in three great sizes and Lefty orientations, so be sure to find your favorite.

Acrylic Ruler

An acrylic ruler with clear 1/4” markings on the edge are a must-have! See below for some really great ruler options.

A Firm Foundation

Every FPP project needs a good foundation paper. This merits it’s own post, so make sure to check out my guide to Foundations for Paper Piecing!

Trash Can

Get in the habit now of throwing your scraps directly into the trash can- it becomes a big mess if you just let them lay on your cutting mat.

This handy little guy hooks onto a cabinet door- perfect for brushing the scrap pile into!

FPP Nice-to-Haves

There are always the things you need, and the things you want. Here’s some things that you don’t really need, but MAN are they nice to have!

Light Box

Light Boxes are great for quick layout of fabrics but any bright light source will do!

Easy to store and transport, I love my Cricut Bright Pad!


Depending on what type of foundation you choose (see handout labeled “Foundations for Paper Piecing”), you may want to invest in some good tweezers to pick out the paper on the back of your blocks.

Add-A-Quarter Ruler

These rulers are great for quick trimming of 1/4” seams.

This ruler takes the fussiness out of trimming your 1/4″ seams- simply place the ridge of the ruler against your folded paper, and trim!

Glue Stick

For use with foundations other than freezer paper. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple is my favorite glue stick for keeping large pieces of fabric from sliding when joining pieces.

Binding Clips

I find Binding Clips to be the easiest tool for joining important seams on blocks (such as when joining the snail’s head and shell)

Straight Stitch Plate

This is not at all required, but straight stitch plates make for a better quilt top no matter how it’s pieced!

Seam Roller

This little puppy can save you loads of time! It’s my favorite to use with Water Soluble Foundations; you won’t get the wrinkled paper as you normally would with an iron. I also like to use it when working with the no-tear method (tutorial is coming soon!)

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  2. you forgot using water soluble paper/stabilizer so you don’t have to pick the paper out of the seam…..

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