Tea For Two: A Bridal Shower

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It’s spring! The world seems new, you’ll do anything to get out of the house and into the beautiful weather. It’s the perfect season for weddings, and weddings mean bridal showers!

I’m going to give you a little taste of this gorgeous bridal shower below, but you can see my full post over at Party Patisserie about my Tea Party Bridal Shower theme- be sure to check it out! You just might want to make yourself a cup of tea, too!

A little bit about this bridal shower:

This was all a complete surprise to me! My sister had me convinced that we were going out on one of our photoshoot adventures! We were headed into the woods on someone else’s property, and I just started saying, “Sara, are you sure we are supposed to be here?” When I was met by a choir of SURPRISE! They got me good!

Surprise Bridal Shower

The setting was absolutely perfect, a little nook on a farm, a babbling creek provided the most beautiful background music. We were surrounded by dogwood trees and boughs of forsythia.

Tea Party Bridal Shower

Tea Party Favors

The decor was a perfect mix of teacups collected from my sister, mom, grandmothers, and aunts! The mix of colors made this incredibly gorgeous!

Tea Party

Flowers at Bridal Shower

And the food was to die for!

Bridal Shower Bundt Cake

Bridal Shower Drinks

We had such a fun time, I can’t tell you everything here, but make sure to hop over to Party Patisserie for the real details!!

Bridal Shower


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