How to Make Your Own Pillowcase

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life: a walk outside, a smell that brings back memories, or your own special place. One of my favorite things is sheets fresh off of the line! I love nothing more than my custom made pillowcases, still crisp from the outdoor air.

Making your own pillowcases is a breeze, especially since I’ve got a free pattern for you to use! That’s right, you can download a free pillowcase sewing pattern right here. All you’ve got to do from there is choose 3 of your favorite fabrics, and get sewing. I like to embroider sweet little details on the cuff of my pillowcases when I get the chance- it just adds a little extra something!

pillowcase and matching tissue box

Another little detail that I adore is a matching tissue box cover! What a lovely little something that just makes the whole scene!

pillowcase pattern

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to my shop and pick up your free pillowcase pattern and your free tissue box cover pattern!

What are your favorite little details that really set the scene in a bedroom? I’m having a blast planning out these sorts of things for our almost-finished guest room! I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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