How to Use A Needle Threader

Sounds simple…right?

Of course it does, and my threader has been broken for years and I’ve done just fine without it. But as of late…well, lets just say my eyesight has seen better days…

The other reason I’m doing this video? It’s been requested by my students! I teach a class on Bernina sewing machine feet at my local quilt shop and you’d be surprised at how many Bernina users never take the time to learn this skill!

So here’s the deal- if you don’t know how to use your threader, I won’t tell anyone! Spend the next ten minutes figuring it out and you’ll spend more time sewing and less time trying to thread that monofilament by hand.

This will take you ten minutes to master: Use four minutes to watch my video and then six minutes practicing…you’ll be good to go!

Feel free to watch the video here, or hop on over to my YouTube channel to see what other goodies I’ve got for you.

Looking for some patterns to practice on?

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