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Hypersonic Space Quilt

Today is the day! I’m so very excited to share another new pattern with you. I’m especially excited about this one not only because I love the simple design, but because of the great success and beautiful quilts that came out of the pre-release testing!

I really think you’re going to enjoy the endless possibilities of my newest pattern, Hypersonic. It involves a little bit of cutting, but this quilt comes together quickly and the results are stunning. No matter what size you choose—  baby, throw, or twin sizes, you’ll love this quilt. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics

Hypersonic was inspired by a new fabric collection! Wide Awake, by Dear Stella, is a lovely little collection that I just had to get my hands on! I mean, Pandas sleeping on the moon- can you even deal with it?!

…and those colors!!

My Inspiration

I’ve had many great name suggestions for this quilt, but I’ve stayed true to the original inspiration and called it Hypersonic. I was inspired by the billowing clouds (of steam? smoke?…I’m not a scientist) left behind when a space shuttle takes off. Other people have related it to silos (which are abundant where I live!) and melting ice cream depending on which way you turn the quilt. I’ve been seeing the pattern all over the place now that I’m looking for it—especially in bridges and old furnace ruins (also abundant where I live). I think there’s something quite mesmerizing and soothing about this motif.

Easy Customization

There are some really interesting pieces of this design that can help you to customize the layout without stressing about placement. I would encourage you to choose your own layout for this pattern. Of course, I offer precise cutting instructions for those of you who would prefer to have exactly what is on the cover. But this design has a secret code, and if you use this code as your foundation, I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong with your layouts! Let me explain:

There’s a sequence of numbers call the Fibonacci Sequence. This rule of math is found everywhere in nature and is closely related to the Golden Number … I could go on and on, but if you want something to do with your afternoon, just Google it! To make a long story short, this Fibonacci Sequence is incredibly pleasing to the eye. I’ve used it in my quilt design and I’ll show you how! The Fibonacci Sequence looks like this:


…the sequence goes on and on. You get the next number in the sequence by adding the two previous numbers. (So, if you kept going the next number in the sequence would be 13.)          

When you count the number of half-circles in each column below, you’ll see the sequence start to emerge!  Let me show you:

Remember, the sequence is 1,1,2,3,5,8. See the columns below to see the sequence go up and then down with 5,3,2,1,1.

Plays Nice with All Fabrics!

Usually I have a pretty good handle on how my patterns will play with varying fabric choices, but the Hypersonic quilt pattern really surprised me! I was shocked to see the final fruits of my pattern tester’s labors in batiks, novelty, and even holiday fabrics. They all were so different, but turned out so beautifully.

modern long strip quit

Lauren’s modern geometric selections look incredible in the Hypersonic Quilt Pattern!

I’m not usually one for novelty fabrics, but the long lines of this quilt really show off the prints nicely.

This quilt was made by one of my fabulous pattern testers, Sarah.

I’d love it if you’d take a look at the beautiful work from all my hard working pattern testers and get some ideas for your next quilting project!

The Hypersonic Quilt Pattern is Available Now!

Get your Copy in my Shop

dena's summer quilt pattern

I love Dena’s fabric selections…this quilt just makes me think of sorbet!

joanne's batik quilt pattern

Joanne created a beautiful Batik Quilt from this pattern…just lovely!

You can read more about Joanne’s experience with this pattern and more glorious details on her blog: Everyone Deserves a Quilt!

erin's purple quit pattern

Erin did a lovely purple variation on her quilt.

becca's baby neutral quilt

Becca’s baby quilt couldn’t be sweeter!

Anny's baby gilrl quilt

Anny made a pretty in pink baby quilt.


tandy's modern quilt pattern

I’m just in love with this modern take on the pattern…check out the two orientations below!

silo quilt

Kim had so much fun with color!

sarah's fishing quilt pattern

Here’s the whole picture! You saw the details earlier in this post 🙂

lauren's modern geometric quilt pattern

This just makes me want to snuggle…great job Lauren!

kelsey's half circle quilt

I love how Kelsey used winter fabrics here- it really looks classy!

The Hypersonic Quilt Pattern is Available Now!

Get your Copy in my Shop

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  1. Love the new pattern and the Fibonacci Sequence connect, Rachel! And I love reading how you the ideas come to you and all the beautiful quilts your friends make.

    Have a blessed day!!!

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