A Lovely Little Holiday Wreath Pillow

Late one night, searching the ends of the world wide web, looking for a daybed, I came across this lovely little pillow on Birch Lane’s website—I just had to have it!


Yeah right!

I got the itch to make this little lovely, so I whipped out my Cricut Explore Air and got to work. I have a ten-month-old and it only took me one nap to whip this sweet little pillow up! You got this! If you don’t have a Cricut, you should seriously consider getting it for your craft arsenal—I use mine all the time and it’ll save you a lot of cutting. But if it’s not in the plan for now, never fear! I’ve got instructions for you too.

So, keep on scrolling to get my holiday wreath free sewing pattern & see how it all came together!

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What You’ll Need:

Cut Out The Felt

With the Included Cut File

First, you’ll need to cut out your leaf shapes. If you’ve got a Cricut machine, head on over to the design center, and upload your cut file (included in your free pattern).

How to cut felt on Cricut

Before you cut, make sure to iron on fusible web to the backing of your felt. Once it’s cooled, peel off the paper backing and place shiny side down onto the cutting mat.

With Fusible Web

If you don’t have a Cricut Machine, cutting out your leaves takes just a little bit longer—it’s a great project for snuggling in with a good snack and turning on the TV!

First, trace your leaves onto the paper side of the fusible web. You’ll need a total of 5 pages of leaves traced.

Next, iron the shiny side to the wrong side of your felt. Then cut out your leaf shapes. After being cut out, you can peel the remaining paper off.

Creating the Wreath

Cut your pillow front and back & set aside.

Lay out the bottom layers of the wreath in a circle on the pillow.

Holiday Wreath Pillow DIY

Gently iron the leaves into place.

Using a medium straight stitch and matching thread, sew a line down the center of each leaf. Don’t worry about each line being perfect, and remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of each line.

DIY felt wreath pillow

Once you have the bottom layer sewn on, trim your threads and start layering more leaves on top of the existing layers. I like to do this one at a time. Feel free to overlap leaves, but try to make sure that the stitches don’t overlap each other.

Sewing leaves for a holiday wreath

Finishing the Pillow

To give the finishing touches, add buttons throughout the wreath by hand. I used sweet little pearl buttons for this, but you could use red or other fun accent colors!

Felt Holiday Wreath Pillow

Place your pillow front and back together, right sides together. Sew around all edges. Make sure to leave a wide enough opening to stuff your pillow.

how to sew a pillow

Stuff your pillow and sew the opening closed by hand.

DIY felt holiday wreath pillow

Fluff and Enjoy!

Now that it’s all finished place your new pillow on the couch or wherever the perfect spot is! I’ve got all sorts of ideas and different ways to make this sweet pillow; I want to see what it looks like with white leaves and a plaid flannel background… OR green leaves with red buttons and jingle bells for Christmas—the possibilities are endless!

Christmas Wreath Pillow - Free sewing pattern

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A free Christmas or Thanksgiving wreath pillow pattern. This free sewing pattern comes with a cut file to make your project go quickly. Perfect for the Cricut Explore or Maker!

DIY wreath pillow tutorial. This is the perfect last minute gift or decoration for Thanksgiving and Christmas!


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