March Madness: March 2015

Hi all! I can’t believe we are a few days into April already. I guess that means it’s time to get caught up on March! This month has flown by for us, and signs of spring have me spending every spare moment getting ready for summer! My Instagram has been filled with all things green and wonderful, so I’m really looking forward to the spring and summer months to come! So, take a look at what I’ve been up to:

Daylight Savings really took a toll on me and my bunny…

Sleepy Bunny

But after a long Sunday nap, we started planning the summer out and got my dear dad in on the planning!

Summer Projects

I finally got around to some small projects in the house. When you’ve only got two days off a week and one is totally dedicated to rest, you get stuff done!

Small Projects

I hosted a great little giveaway here on the blog to celebrate my newest post series: The Monthly Mirror—congrats to our winner, Bekah! Stay tuned for your next chance to win and check out The Monthly Mirror!

Handpainted Marble Mugs

Things got started in the garden…maybe not in the garden quite yet, but things got ready for the garden! These little sprouts are going to give us some delicious tomatoes this year!

Seeding Tomatoes

Pansies are the only flowers that wouldn’t die this early, so there are some great big pots of pansies to greet you at my front door!

Spring Pansies


Things started shaping up in the back yard as well. I had a blast recovering these café chairs for our back deck! I wrote about it—be sure to check out my tutorial on how you can recover chair cushions of your own!

Recover Exterior Furniture

I successfully pulled out about 10 wheelbarrows full of ivy in our back yard (tutorial coming soon!)! We have a gorgeous tree out back surrounded by seas of overgrown ivy. Now that it’s gone we have to get rid of a few tree stumps that were hidden until now and plant some grass! I had a great time inspiring the neighbors to do some of their own spring preparations and getting to know them better. I even got to find out more about our house’s former life. Apparently our whole back yard used to be a terraced garden and the owner had beautiful peonies where the ivy took over. Learning about it makes me want to get our backyard back to the beautiful place it used to be!

Getting Rid of Ivy

My March has been all about looking forward to the summer. What are you looking forward to in the coming months? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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