The Monthly Mirror: A Monochromatic Guest Room

Modern Side Table

Day in and out I’ve been dreaming about a finished basement, my shiny new studio, and the guest room. It literally keeps me awake at night—it’s pathetic. I found the perfect inspiration for my guest room on HGTV’s Welcoming Retreat for Winter Guests. This space was designed by Flynnside Out, and it’s just gorgeous! I’m hoping to mirror this look in my future guest room & thought I’d share my finds with you! 

The Monthly Mirror is a once-a-month post that shows you how to get the same look as the most popular interiors! If you have a space that you’d like to see featured on The Monthly Mirror, be sure to contact me or tell me about it in the comments below!

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Creating a guest room depends on 3 major things: succeed at these, and you’ll have a guest room as beautiful as HGTV! It’s all about the side table, the bed, and the desk.

The Side Table

Lets start out with that perfect side table ensemble! The charcoal night stand, steel lamp and perfectly placed accessories are just as they should be.

Rose Nightstand, Steel Roosevelt Mirrored Nightstand, Silver

You don’t have to copy everything exactly like the picture to get the same great look! Look for something with slim drawers and a silvery finish. Having legs on a nightstands make them look very elegant! I found these beautiful nightstands at One King’s Lane.
The lamp is perfect because of its lovely curves! If you have a smaller side table, try going for something tall and curvy, leaving room for the other accessories. If you have space to spare, go for the squat genie-lamp!

Abbey Lane Table Lamp, Pastel Blue Exclusive Genie Accent Lamp, Seaglass

With a few treasures that you might find at Home Goods or One Kings Lane, this night stand will be ready to go.

The Bed

Corta Bed in Soft Gray

This nail head upholstered headboard is perfect in so many ways! Your weary travelers will just want to snuggle in with a book for the night! The beauty of the bed in this glamorous guest room is all in the details and the softness. The nailhead trim is just the right amount of bling on a very soft, upholstered headboard. If you fall in love with a headboard, but it doesn’t have the nailhead trim, it’s something that you can easily add later! (Yay for DIY projects!) This bed from Dot & Bo has it all!Pale Blue BedroomA comforter or quilt in the same color as the room makes for a relaxing monochromatic feel. Check out this beauty from Fig Linens. Don’t be afraid to add some pattern! If you do pattern on the comforter, consider doing plain pillows and visa vera.

Monochromatic Bedspread

The Desk

If you have the space, a desk area is such a nice touch in a guest room. It allows for your friends and family to feel a little more at home. They can get online, or charge their cell phones and tablets. It’s also just a cute little area for decorating!

Cork Board Office Area

The desk center in this space is so adorable and absolutely DIY-able! The bookshelves on either side are dead-ringers for Kallax by Ikea. The cork board is just made up of Cork Squares stuck to the wall- so simple! You could even add molding around them if you’re in the mood for a project!
That’s all there is to it! I’m drooling over the monochromatic style of this space and can’t wait to get my hands on my own guest room! What are your favorite parts about this room? Did you spot any products that you just have to have?!

Images courtesy of Scripps Networks Interactive

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