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A Fitted Sheet that Turns into a Quilt


Today is pattern release day! I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting to share this one with you guys—I think I’ve really thought of a new idea here, a quilt that you can use in the baby’s crib, that’s right—the Grow With Me quilt is a combination of a quilt and fitted sheet for standard size crib mattresses. When baby graduates to a big kid bed, it can easily be turned into a great snuggly child-sized quilt. My amazing pattern testers are just as razzed up about this pattern as I am, so let’s get to sharing, shall we?!

Grow With Me

The idea for this pattern hit me as we were preparing our little girl’s nursery. I realized that she wouldn’t really get to enjoy a quilt for at least another year. Sure, she can lay on top of one for tummy time, but there’s not anything quite like snuggling into a quilt for the night. After looking through lots of information on keeping babies safe while sleeping, it seemed to me that if I could create a quilt that couldn’t get tangled or around sweet baby, that it should be safe! So, today I give you the fitted crib quilt: Grow With Me.


Why the name Grow With Me? Well, for starters, it’s adorable. But it also reveals a second function for this pattern. When you’re done using this as a fitted crib sheet (or when baby graduates to a big kid bed), you can cut off the edges, sew a little binding on, and viola! you’ve got yourself a little quilt: perfect for snuggling, traveling, and whatever adventures your little one might find themselves in!


Make Your Own Fitted Crib Quilt!

Based on the response to this pattern just in the past few weeks, you’ll likely be seeing more Grow With Me quilt designs coming your way. If you love this criss-cross ribbon pattern as much as I do, you’ll want to be sure and pick up a copy today! Just hop on over to my shop and download yours instantly! Here’s a helpful list of fabric, tools, and other supplies that you’ll need to complete the pattern:


Fabric Requirements:

• Background (Pink): 2-3/4 yards

• Ribbon 1 (Navy): 1/4 yard

• Ribbon 2 (Navy Triangles): 1/4 yard

• Ribbon 3 (Navy Polka Dots): 1/4 yard • Ribbon 4 (Coral): 1/4 yard

• Back: 2 yards (45″ wide)

• Flannel (optional if you’d like to add some weight. Do not use batting for the fitted crib quilt): 2 yards

• Elastic: 60″ of 1/2″ wide elastic


Rotary Cutter | Rotary Mat | Quilting Ruler | Sewing Machine | Matching Thread | Pins | Iron | Scissors | Erasable Fabric Marker

All the Amazing Options!

One of my most favorite things about designing patterns is seeing where you run with my designs! Below you’ll see some fantastic versions of the Grow With Me quilting pattern done by a fantastic group of pattern testers. A big thanks to these ladies for making sure that this pattern is accurate, easy to read, and ready to go!


Sonya went with a fun selection of colors on a nice grey background for her fitted crib quilt.


I love the contrasting fabrics that Joyce chose for her Grow With Me Quilt, this is perfect for those developing eyes!


Jennifer went for a lovely and vibrant fitted sheet for her toddler bed.


Erin loved this pattern so much, but doesn’t have a crib that needs a fitted sheet right now, so she chose to make the quilt and skip the instructions for fitted corners—lovely!


Corey went with fun primary colors and silly monkeys against a white background—I love the bright colors.


Carrie used a fun truck fabric and pulled her ribbon color choices from there—loving the cohesive look she created!


Sarah went with a woodsy feel for her quilt—isn’t it fun to see the same pattern in so many different styles?


Becca used trendy and geometric prints to really spice things up in her Grow With Me Quilt.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Grow With Me Quilt pattern in my shop!

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