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Grow With Me Fitted Crib Quilt

The buzz around the studio today is that we are dropping a GIANT pattern release! If you were at the Quilting on the Bayfront show in Erie this month, you got a sneak peek and a copy of my pre-release pattern. But alas, it’s time for the whole world to get another Grow With Me Quilt!

If you haven’t heard about the Grow With Me line of quilts yet, make sure to check out my Grow With Me blog post—it will explain everything to you from start to finish. You’ll learn about what a fitted quilt is, why I chose to invent it, and how to use it. For those of you that already know the spiel, read on!

A Hexi Quilt for Baby

Nothing is more popular than hexies right now—they are modern, they are simple, they are ADORABLE! So, the inspiration for my newest Grow With Me design isn’t too hard to figure out. My pattern is a little different than most of the hexie quilt patterns you’re seeing out there though. Putting aside the fact that it’s a fitted quilt (which only my readers and customer have heard about), I’ve found a simpler way to piece hexies—no Y seams, I promise! You’ll be tickled at how quickly this simple hexi quilt comes together.

kid's hexi quilt

And just like Grow With Me | Ribbons, you have a safe way for baby to enjoy the comfort of a quilt in the crib. No lose corners, no fluffy batting. And once baby grows up (too fast), Grow With Me can go from crib…

fitted quilt

to quilt, just like that!

Baby quilt safe for crib

The simple honeycomb design is perfect for a little boy or girl and lends it self well to gender neutral nurseries. Everyone loves hexies!

children's hexie quilt

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift that is both useful and unique, the Grow With Me Quilt is it! As far as I know, I’m the first to dream up the fitted quilt and young moms are going bonkers over it’s functionality and uniqueness.

Fitted quilt for baby crib

fitted crib quilt

Just in case you’re wondering, I had an absolute BLAST photographing this project with my sister (she’s the photographer, I’m just the stager and baby wrangler) and two of my perfect nephews!

Toddler Size Quilt

But wait…there’s more! I know, I know—but I can’t keep quiet about how perfect this pattern is for kids! It’d be a sin to not tell you all the great features and I know some of you are thinking oh shoot—my baby just moved up to a toddler sized bed!

Toddler bed sized quilt

Isn’t it annoying how that happens? The  beauty of my pattern is that I also tell you how to make this into a traditional quilt, which means that it’s the perfect size for your toddler-sized mattress! It’ll give you about an 8″ drop on all sides, which is plenty for your wiggly kiddo.

toddler bed quilt

Grow With Me | Honeybee, Pattern Now Available

Get your copy in my shop!

Make sure you pick up your copy of Grow With Me | Honeybee in my shop today and don’t forget to get inspired by all the amazing versions of my fitted crib quilt that my testers have done! I’m tickled with the fabric choices that they used! Note: these images are from the very first pattern—the pattern has been revised so that the hexies go all the way from top to bottom without a border.

honeybee themed kids quilt

I love that Theresa used honeybee fabric for her honeybee quilt!

Lore went with a floral design and simple hexies

Joanne did this pattern as a traditional quilt with bright fabric selections!

Kelsey went with bold prints and pulled her hexi colors from her background fabrics

Lisa used a sweet plaid for her background


Holly chose to leave her Grow With Me Quilt as a traditional quilt—I just love the hexies on a white background!

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You can also see this quilt in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


  1. Delightful quilt! Simple but oh so eye catching.

  2. What an interesting concept. LOVE the photo with those sweet little toes!!!

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