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It’s been a while since I’ve had a pattern release. And let me tell you, it feels great to finally be able to share this pattern with you! It feels even better to be  giving it away to celebrate! That’s right—during the pattern release celebration, you can get my Merry Mixer quilt pattern for free! Make sure to read this post and see all the amazing variations of this sweet and simple pattern. Now, onto the story!

A few months ago, I was a part of the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop, I heard about it at the last minute and was up until all hours of the night creating this block:

Modern Patience Corners

Not super romantic…but not every love story starts out with romance!

So, I created the block, and then gave myself some time to work on the quilt that I wanted it to be a part of. I wanted to keep it simple, because creating this block is really quick and you can actually create two at once! So, this is what I came up with:

Pretty cute, right?

I thought so! I got all excited about it and wrote the entire pattern in one evening (not an easy task, I might add!). I got my tried and true testers on board and they instantly fell in love with this pattern. It wasn’t long before I was hearing about this becoming their new “go-to” quilt—you know what I mean, those oh-no-her-baby-shower-is-in-two-weeks sort of projects. And it really is perfect for baby showers, Dad gifts, Grad gifts, and Moms too!

One of my fabulous pattern testers, Lisa, inspired the corner blocks in the final design —it’s just that sweet little something that the quilt needed!

Merry Mixer Quilt Sizes

I went back and forth about what sizes to offer in this quilt and after much polling and thinking it over, I came up with the perfect sizes and ratios. Unlike many of my other baby quilts, while Merry Mixer is still large, it is a perfect square. I simply couldn’t stand looking at a rectangle full of squares when I didn’t have to—it is so very lovely as a square and so my baby size measures a generous 48.5″ x 48.5″. It’s perfect for tummy time, cuddling, and will even last sweet baby into the kid years as a lap quilt.

Here’s a lovely throw size, sewn and photographed by Sonya.

Throw and Twin sizes are also included in the pattern. This is a very manageable quilt pattern for larger quilts because of how efficiently your blocks are created.

Now that you love it, it’s time to get the pattern! During the pattern release celebration, you can get a copy of Merry Mixer for free! Just head on over to my shop, add to your cart & you’re done! Make sure to check out my other great patterns while you’re there.

Don’t forget to keep scrolling and see all the wonderful varieties that my pattern testers have created!

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Merry Mixer is Now Available

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Simple quilt using squares A free quilt pattern from Rachel Rossi Design. This pattern includes instructions for baby, throw, and twin sized quilts. Perfect for beginners or just-can't-cut-it fabrics!

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