Pattern Review: The Diva Frame Wallet by Sew Many Creations


I’m deeming today a showoff day! I made this adorable wallet & have yet to have a single cashier or clerk take notice…so I’m taking advantage of the blog so that this sweet wallet gets some recognition! This fabulous pattern was created by Sew Many Creations & I really do love the final product. I get a little excited to whip it out when I’m grocery shopping! Believe me—joy at the grocery store, let alone in the checkout line, is worth every second spent making this wallet! Without further ado, here is the Diva Frame Wallet by Sew Many Creations:

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I had been putting off making this pattern, because I figured that it would be a beast to make. Although it took a little time, it was totally worth it, considering that my other wallet had broken and my purse was a complete disaster!


No one’s purse should look like this…ever!

Now my purse is a clean and organized wonderland! I actually enjoy going out and about now, because it doesn’t involve digging through miles of rewards cards and receipts.


If you were wondering what I thought of this pattern (because it’s clear that I am in love with the final product), I’ll have you know that there were a few things I especially loved! There were certain steps that I needed to read and re-read in order to follow what was going on, but overall, I think that this is an excellent pattern for sewing your own wallet. I would definitely suggest reading the instructions carefully before getting started.

The Highlights

The Coin Zipper Pouch

My absolute favorite part of this wallet sewing pattern is how the zipper on the coin pouch was done. I love when a design is smart and simple! This zipper is nothing less!


The Details

Sometimes, designers can get so focused on getting all the parts of a pattern to work together, that we forget the details—not this time! I love the details and arrangement of main print and secondary print, especially on the credit card pockets.



This wallet is a beauty, but it’s also got brains! Typically, when I make someone else’s pattern, I am thinking about all the ways it could be better, but honestly, I haven’t found anything else that this wallet needs (yet)! There are two large pockets for bills, receipts, and coupons, 6 slots for credit cards, and a generous change pocket. I’m not sure how this could be improved without being too bulky. I really love how the wallet sits in my purse, so I wouldn’t want it to be any wider or larger. This really is a great pattern and a great product that I would definitely suggest!

It’s Your Turn!

Now it’s time to make your own wallet! Here’s what you’ll need to make the Diva Frame Wallet:

Did you make a Diva Frame Wallet? I’d love to hear about your experience and see your finished wallet in the comments below!


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  1. Nice wallet! A couple questions–pattern specs says it has 6 card pockets and you said 8–did you sew yours differently to get 2 extra card pockets? Also, when you open it, does one side “flop” over? Or is the interfacing stiff enough to prevent that from happening? Do you think that thin foam interfacing (like Bosal In-R-Form) could be used instead of Pellon?
    Thanks for the review–I had no idea that this pattern was available on Amazon!

    • Thanks for reading, Miranda! You actually caught a typo! There are 6 credit card pockets (fixing that now!) and two larger pockets for receipts, coupons and cash. It does flop over when opened, which I like because it makes it easier to handle. If you’re looking for something that will stay stiff though, a thin Decor Bond might be your answer. My only concern with the foam is squishing that foam into the hardware for the wallet frame. I had to fight with it a little just to get my few layers of fabric and interfacing inside. Maybe a layer or two of 809 Decor Bond (it’s pretty rigid) would do the trick!

  2. Hi! Can you tell me how the frame is fixed to the wallet? It appears to be screwed on but how do you screw through the fabric and interfacing? Is it glued on? Thanks!

    • Hi Tricia,
      The fabric slides into the frame and you screw it in with teeny tiny screws (make sure you have an eye glasses kit handy!). The pattern says that glue is optional, so I chose not to glue it in, just incase my fabric decided to wear out or I wanted to make a different color! No problems so far!

  3. I have made several diva wallets and gave some away as gifts. Unfortunately almost everyone I made has a problem with a least one of the screws staying in. The hole seems to be bigger than the head of the screw. Very disappointed as I gave some as gifts and they broke

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for your comment — That’s got to be so frustrating! I haven’t run across this problem yet, but it might be why the pattern suggests using glue (which I chose not to do). I’ll have to keep updating this post as I make more wallets, keeping an eye out for the issue with the screw. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Almost done my wallet and I have just realized that the way the pattern goes together on the inside is actually wrong. The problem is that when closed the your credit cards will fall out!!! With a few adjustments, unstitching and recutting I have turned them around so they stay put when closed. Otherwise a nice wallet pattern.

  5. I lost a gold screw. Also, the screws do not reach the fabric. The screws turn and turn.
    How do I get extra screws?

  6. I made several Diva wallets for Christmas gifts – I even found Mary Engelbreit fabric for my sister who really likes her stuff! I had trouble with the screws and had one returned her walled to ask me to fix hers as the wallet pulled out of the frame. (The friend that coached me through the pattern had given me a warning about no screwing the screw too far into the hole as it would pull out.) In the future, I will use some glue to help alleviate that problem.

    I plan to make myself the Mini Diva wallet and use it in purses that don’t accommodate the larger wallet.

    Thank you for your information and I am glad I found your blog.

  7. I made one and really like the pattern but cannot get the screws to stay in. Very frustrating

    • This happens to me once in a while, depending on my fabrics. I will sometimes use a little bit of fabric glue to help it stay in, or poke small holes where the screws will go (almost like pre-drilling!). I hope that’s helpful 🙂

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