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There’s so many fun products out there, but today I’m going to tell you about my current favorite: Insul-Bright! It’s a really neat type of batting that you can use in so many ways; ironing board covers, oven mitts, hot pads, casserole caddies, lunch boxes…really the options are endless!

Now, this week’s pictures are a bit boring, and well…white. But I promise, next week will be a fun and colorful post that you’re sure to love!

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What is Insul-Bright?

Insul-Bright is a pretty neat product. It’s easy to use and you can do some amazing things with it! Essentially, it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Be it a hot pad, casserole tote, lunch box, or even an ironing board pad! It is easy to sandwich in with cotton batting to make these items even more heat-resistant.

how to layer insul-brite

How Does Insul-Bright Work?

Insul-Bright seems like it would be complicated, right? But it’s actually not! Basically, there are polyseter fibers with a hollow core that are needlepunched through mylar. Mylar is reflective and nonwoven, so when it is against something hot, it reflects the heat back to the source. That’s pretty nifty if you ask me!

Things to Remember When Using Insul-Bright

  • Even though Insul-Bright is made of polyester, you always want to use 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread when making any item that will be exposed to heat or cold.
  • The Shiny side of Insul-Bright should be placed toward the hot/cold surface
  • Insul-Bright can be washed, machine wash cool and machine dry low.
  • Insul-Bright is heat resistant, NOT heat proof. So, always use at least one layer of batting when using it for oven mitts or pot holders. I like to sandwich mine between two layers of batting, just to be extra careful!
  • Do NOT put in the microwave.
  • Always refer to the instructions that come with your Insul-Bright when you’ve got a question or concern.
basting batting for quilts

Projects that Use Insul-Bright

I bet you’re wondering what all this hubbub about Insul-Bright is all of a sudden, well *drumroll please* next week, I’ll be releasing a fun new FREE pattern, so it’s important to learn about all your supplies beforehand! Here’s a little taste of this adorable Octagonal Pot Holder, make sure to stop by next week to get your copy for Free!

free potholder sewing pattern

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  1. Thank you so much for the information. Am awaiting the pattern for the hexagon pot holder. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Rachel, Do you think I could use Insul Bright as a layer in a winter comforter to make it warmer?

    • Hi Jane, great question! I haven’t used it in this way, but I think that’s an awesome idea—just make sure the shiny side is facing the backing of the quilt so that the body heat is reflected back to the snuggler! 🙂

  3. Hi, are there gradesof insulbright? I have some i bought a couple of years ago & it is twice as thick as the insulbright a fiend bought at Joann’s. Mine had a paper wtap that came with the yardage & th same logo as shown above.

    • Thanks for your question Ellie May,

      I’m not quite sure. If you check the wrapping there should be some sort of product number or name that might give you a clue. Otherwise, I’d just chalk it up to a change in manufacturing over the years.

      Happy sewing!

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