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Welcome! My name is Rachel and I am an interior designer. So it’s not much of a surprise when I say that a large part of this blog will be dedicated to interior design and decorating: products, projects, architects…who knows where we could go! We could be creating something beautiful or enjoying the beauty that we are surrounded by every day.

I suppose my life could be described as a pursuit of beauty.  Whether it is my job, home, hobbies, or even my Instagram and Pinterest addictions  – whatever it is, it all comes back to my love of all things beautiful!

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I was brought up in rural Pennsylvania with a family that some would call “artsy.”  My brother is the owner of Crazy Ant Studio and my sister owns Sara Bittner Photography – both are amazing artists. Both of my (also creative) parents encouraged us to imagine, create -and most importantly- try, try again! I think that all three of us owe our talents and gifts to their love and support.

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Because of the gifts I have been given, a family that encouraged me, and faith in a creative God, I find my life is a series of beautiful things – creating, enjoying, inspiring and sometimes just standing in awe. That’s what I want this blog to be about – beauty.  More often than not, that means homes, design and decorating, but there are so many beautiful things and places in the world, I can’t help but tell you about them too! I hope you’ll join my search for beauty in a world full of it!

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