Pattern Release: Crossroads

Modern T Cross Quilt

Hooray! It’s pattern release day! These days are always my favorite, it’s full of excitement, fun pictures and the payoff of a job well done—not just for me, but for all of the pattern testers that worked hard to get this pattern to where it is today. Today, I am pleased to present to you my latest quilt design, Crossroads. This is my first pattern that isn’t a “one size fits all.” The pattern includes instructions for a baby, throw, or twin size! But that’s enough chatter—let’s take a look at all the fun photos and details of Crossroads!

Crossroads is being featured, along with some other fantastic releases from amazing designers, on the Swhetty Bettie’s Blog! Make sure that you check out the Aspiring Designers Challenge Week and enter for your chance to win each pattern released this week! There’s even a giveaway at the bottom of this post, so read on!

Here’s the overall—isn’t it just lovely in it’s natural habitat?

Cross your T's Quilt

I think the real charm of this pattern is the simplicity! Not only is it easy to make, but using only two fabrics can really create a dramatic look! If you need help choosing those two colors, make sure to read up on using a color wheel!

quilt detail crossroads-quilt-ombre

I initially created this pattern for my friend who was expecting a baby. She and her husband decided to torture us all & not find out the gender! So, the original intent was for this quilt to be gender neutral, straightforward, and modern. After creating it, I realized that this baby sized quilt lends itself so well to all sorts of uses!

It makes a great boy’s or men’s quilt because it is not too cluttered and the crosses create a strong geometry. But, if you switch up the fabrics, it can be hopelessly girly! So, I made this pattern available for Baby, Throw, and Twin sizes. All of these sizes have been tested to assure a perfect pattern, every time!

cross baby quilt

If you’d like to get your hands on this pattern, make sure to do it now! During the pattern release celebration, Crossroads is on sale at 50% off! Hop on over to my shop and get this great deal before it’s over! If you’d like to take your chances at winning this beauty, make sure to enter below—the winner gets this PDF pattern for free along with 1 other pattern of your choice! If you have already bought the pattern and win, I’ll refund your purchase price—no worries! As part of the Aspiring Designer Challenge that I’m privileged to be a part of this round, the Swhetty Bettie’s Blog is hosting a giveaway of all the fabulous patterns released during the challenge, so make sure you get over there, see what these amazing designers have for you & enter the giveaway!

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Keep on scrolling to see all the amazing versions of this quilt made by my Fabulous Pattern Testers and all the different looks that Crossroads can have!

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Love the greys in this version done by Anny!


I’m just drooling over the Black and White Modern Quilt that Erin created from Crossroads!

If you were hoping to use differently colored crosses in your quilt (like you’ve seen above in Erin’s quilt), make sure to check out the tutorial on how to do it!


Essence made a fun version of this quilt with all sorts of different fabrics!


Erin’s quilt was done just in time for the arrival of her little girl!


Jennifer mixed things up by making the points of each cross a different color—it’s a whole new quilt!


Jolien got creative and used two different colors for each piece of the X—I love it and how the quilting turned out!


I’m drooling over Katelyn’s Starburst fabric for this quilt! It’s a fun take on a simple pattern!


What little boy wouldn’t love this Mutant Ninja Turtle version by Alicia?!


I love the contrast created in Katie’s version of Crossroads—the small prints make this quilt interesting close up and far away!


I love the blues that Kelly used in her Crossroads quilt—apparently there’s some dispute on who this quilt belongs to: Kelly, her hubby, or her daughter!


Laura used a fun Christmas fabric for Crossroads—this pattern makes for a great christmas look!


Sarah’s sunset colors shimmer in the sunset photoshoot—I love the use of Ombre in this quilt!


Sonya’s Blue crib sized quilt is perfect for a modern nursery!


Amber created a neat blue diagonal across the quilt!


Another Christmas version, only this time with gingerbread men! The white crosses really pop against the sweet background. A beautiful job by Trish!

See this quilt, along with a bunch of other amazing projects on Made By You Monday!


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