Refinish Old Furniture Without Stain

Wood Stain that is safe during pregnancy

This DIY tutorial shows you how to stain furniture with no harmful chemicals like stain. Coconut oil rehydrates and invigorates the wood back to its original beauty!

It’s finally here—what I’ve been searching for for the past 4 months of pregnancy—a wood stain that is safe during pregnancy! Well, it’s not actually a stain, but has the same effect. You might not even believe me when I tell you that I’m talking about coconut oil. That’s right! Rubbing coconut oil onto dried out or aged wood will change it so dramatically that you’ll think I’m lying. But when you try it for yourself, you’ll be giddy and scouring your home for something else to try it on!

fireplace wall art from antique wood

Mmmmm, this reminds me of my post about decorating with cotton— Check it out for helpful tips on incorporating cotton into your decor!

This discovery all started with a call from my mom. She was so excited that I actually thought something was wrong at first! Her and her sister (avid antiquers, crafters, and refinishers) had been looking around Pinterest when they found a tutorial about rubbing coconut oil into dried out wood. They didn’t believe it was true, but when my Mom’s wooden ironing board went from a little icky to a really gorgeous piece of furniture they were converted! My mom frantically called me the next morning to share the news! Let me tell you, I’ve had lots of projects that I’ve been unable to work on because of our bun in the oven, so I was thrilled to find a natural oil that’s good for me to have all over my hands and will create a beautiful finish on furniture.

reult of wood refinished with coconut oil

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That’s enough chitter chatter, let’s just get to the good stuff!

Here’s my wooden mantle art before the coconut oil:

How to refinish Wood with Coconut oil

If you remember, from my Briwax post, I had planned on using Briwax on this piece, I’m so glad that I got to try the coconut oil on it though—I’m thrilled with the results:

Wood refinished with coconut oil

I told you you wouldn’t believe me! Know what else you won’t believe? How quick and easy this technique is. You simply get coconut oil, a soft rag, and rub it on! I enlisted the help of a hairdryer to melt tiny pieces that got caught on all those little details, but this is a quick and easy project! Here it is in process:

cleaning up antique wood with coconut oil tutorial

That’s really all there is to it! rub it on and use as normal—it’s a quick, easy, and completely safe way to clean up wooden antiques, furniture, and other unfinished items! Who knew that coconut oil would refinish wood like this!? If you’ve used coconut oil (or something else surprising) on your furniture, be sure to tell me all about it in the comments below—you can even leave pictures with your comments!

As for me, I’m about to attack my new (old) Hoosier with the coconut oil! Stay tuned to see that big time makeover!

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This DIY tutorial shows you how to stain furniture with no harmful chemicals like stain. Coconut oil rehydrates and invigorates the wood back to its original beauty!


  1. That is fantastic! I wonder how long the moisture from the coconut oil will stay? Time will tell!

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