Room Dividers: 10 (new) Ways to Divide Your Space

PVC room divider

We’ve all seen the Asian-rice-paper-room screens (who knows what they are really called?). It’s starting to get a bit cliche and I’m in the mood for a new idea or two on how to divide space with something other than paper and bamboo…so I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you! (I thought that rhymed for a second- but I don’t think it does).

Here’s a great space divider made from windows from Hwit Blog. This divides the function of the space, yet allows light and visual through (great for small or dark spaces!) This would be so easy: just add a few hinges and connect the panes!

Window room divider

I dug up this great idea from on the post 18 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Doorsfascinating! You could do just about any style with these – cottage, traditional, transitional, craftsman…oh my! Use the existing hinges on the center door to connect each piece. Flip over and add some casters- pretty cool!

Door Room Divider

This beauty comes with it’s own DIY instructions! Visit Better Homes and Gardens for all the details! This is fantastic for a more modern feel.

make a room divider

This is just stunning (ALERT: DIYers…you can make this from PVC, there may be a tutorial coming soon!) I found the original here. I’m seeing some simple cuts of PVC, glue and spray paint in my future…simple IS gorgeous!

PVC room divider

Oh Ikea…how you continue to amaze me, their bookcases make a gorgeous decorative and functional divider. The original image came from here! Check in at places like Homegoods and TJ Maxx to fill up the shelves and find the perfect matching baskets!

Bookshelf Room Divider

Decorating your Small Space came up with these classic, gorgeous panels. This is so easy and soooooo classy! Just get the appropriate sized curtain rod and some sheers. Tight budget? Try using 2 layers of tulle instead.

Fabric dividers

I’ve seen this done in a casino before and it’s amazing…chain room dividers. I love it! Check it out at Kalu Interiors! There’s all sorts of variations on this, using the same chain creates a more dense divider, but this is visually intriguing and more transparent… the options are endless!

Chain Room Divider

For a more permanent option, check out this Plank Wall from My Home Ideas. This is so clean and crisp, allowing light through, but the mess of the office is quietly tucked away!

Plank Room Divider

This one is great…a room divider made from rope and some 2×4’s! Genius! I’m not sure what the name of this blog is…but you can find the original here! This creates a great organic, open feeling. And the instructions are pretty self explanatory, just take a look at the pictures!

Rope Room Divider

Well, I’m all excited now- what rooms can I divide!? I’d love to hear about your creative ideas for room dividers in the comments below!

Until next time, happy decorating!

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