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As I sat at this year’s Lancaster Quilt Show, I had the pleasure of getting to know Tara, owner of Amelia’s Garden. She recently released her first pattern; the Perfect Wallet and I had the pleasure of trying it out. It’s such a pleasure, every time I whip it out of my purse! I love when someone comments on it & I get to tell them that I made it!

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The Perfect Wallet Sewing Pattern

Tara appropriately named this pattern “The Perfect Wallet,” it really has a place for everything and everything stays in it’s place! Here’s my favorite details:

It Can Hold it All!

The beauty of this wallet pattern is that it can hold all of the necessities! There’s two pockets that are perfect for cash, 12 card slots, 2 change pockets, and 3 separate larger pockets for whatever else you might need. My sister likes to stick tiny bottles of essential oils in the larger pockets (no one wants to be caught without their lavender!), while I like to stick my phone and checkbook in the center pocket.

sewing pattern for wallet with lots of pockets


I know I just got done telling you about how much space was in this wallet, and you’re going to think I’m lying when I tell you how compact this wallet is when you fold it up! It’s like some kind of dark magic…I swear!

clutch sewing pattern

Pockets Galore!

I can’t get enough of these pockets—it’s perfect for keeping your fun money and grocery cash separate, checkbooks, receipts, coupons—you name it, it’s got a spot.

wallet sewing pattern with lots of space

Card Slots to Spare

My qualm with most wallets is that they don’t have room for ALL. THE. CARDS. You’ve got your credit cards, your membership cards, your rewards cards, and your punch cards…but there’s room for them all in The Perfect Wallet’s 12 slots!

wallet sewing pattern with card holders

Use it as a Clutch

I love the versatility that this wallet offers. You can keep it in your purse or take it on the town and use it as a clutch when you want something a little more simple.

modern wallet sewing pattern

Have Fun With It!

This wallet is a great project that you can use fun and new fabrics with! I chose to use a cork fabric (you can read more about how to work with cork in my sewing with cork tutorial!

What You’ll Need

There’s a few fun things to choose for this wallet! You’ll need:

So, make sure to get your copy of The Perfect Wallet and show off your hard work in the comments below or on Facebook!


  1. I got to making the zipper compartments and I am lost. I think I have it turned around please contact me to explain how should look.

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